Vicki Gunvalson Denies Being Scared of Son-in-Law but That's Not What It Seems Like

ryan culbersonI think it's safe to say most of us were pretty shocked when we saw Vicki Gunvalson's son-in-law Ryan Culberson act like a complete jerk on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Ryan's behavior at the winter wonderland party was downright disturbing. But almost just as surprising as Culberson's verbal assault on Lydia's mother was Vicki's reaction to it all. The normally volatile housewife was cool, calm, and collected. And while this normally would be an admirable trait in someone, it did raise a bit of a red flag. Has Vicki seen this behavior from Ryan before? And if so, is she a little scared of him?  Sure, he's her son-in-law and she doesn't want to create a rift between her daughter and her, but Gunvalson's now catching some heat for letting Ryan "walk all over her". To which she fired back, "I never let him walk over me, nor anyone! You are grossly mistaken!"

Well. She did break up with Brooks because Briana and Ryan didn't want him at the house.

Vicki's ending things with Brooks was one of the best decisions she (or her kids) ever made. Let's get that straight. Brooks is a shady mofo and nobody wants to see him in her life. Not her kids. Not the viewers. No one. So, if Briana and Ryan's disdain for him is what kept them apart, so be it. But at the same time, Vicki did let her kids tell her what to do in that situation. Of course, if Vicki, or anyone, ever has to choose between their kids and a boyfriend, they're always going to choose their kids, but the point I'm getting at here is Ryan kinda seems like he has a pretty aggressive personality and Vicki doesn't want to piss him off (for a variety of reasons). I'm not so sure his rude behavior at her party was a one-off, out-of-left-field thing; an instance where he had too much drink. It seems more like something that was never caught on camera before, and something Vicki doesn't want to deal with. (Side note: Thank god for brother Billy!)

At the end of the day, the way Vicki handled the situation at her party was right. Attacking Ryan back would have only created a bigger mess. But the fact that this is one of the few times we've ever seen Vicki react in such a calm and level-headed way does kind of make you scratch your head and wonder what's gone on when the cameras haven't been rolling.

What did you think of Ryan's behavior?


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nonmember avatar Patri

I'm going to be very interested to see how Briana defends his behavior on the reunion (you know it has to come up) when the playback will clearly show that Ryan was lying about Lydia's moms words and behavior. I also thought it was pretty telling that when she aske him who he was (not the "who the F--- are you?" that Ryan claimed) Ryan started to say "I own this place" before catching himself. Something tells me he pretty much believes what he started to say.

Diana Reed Lynch

Wow what an asshole. If I were Vicki, instead of worrying about Brooks (also an asshole but I think he will fade away with time), she should be worried about her daughter! Briana you need to look in the mirror and wake up. This is not a nice person you are married to. That woman did nothing to deserve such a violent reaction from anyone. Seriously, very unnerving watching Ryan's behavior and it makes me wonder what you go through Briana. (Probaboy why Vicki isnt saying antying at this time either!)

Leslye Joseph

Not defending his behavior, but trying to understand it. He's was leaving for Afgahistan in a short while, and it's life or death there. He's leaving behind his wife and child in a house where the drama is high and I imagine he feels like situations are out of his control. Living under his mother in laws roof, probably no the best for them.

nonmember avatar Leesa

I think Vicki is afraid he will disallow her access to her grandson, otherwise I think she would have flipped out on him. I would love to hear what both Vicki and Briana have to say after they viewed/heard the incident on tape! Leaving for duty or not, that is no way to behave. He's obviously a control freak who seems to have the potential to snap. Time for some therapy.

Norma J Brill

   He has a long line of  being disliked. His attitude was way off the scale and Vickie has giving this brute way to much say so in HER home.  Both Vickie and her daughter need to wake up to his actions.  he needs to be placed under observation.

nonmember avatar taotzu

Brianna will be devastated when it comes out that Ryan and Vicki are messing around. Ryan has decided that he is the alpha dog and he wants things his way. His wife is post pregnancy which means weight loss and Ryan during the pregnancy has been hitting up Vicki because she is going through her mid-life crisis and needs attention.

Pam Johnson

He acted like a bully

Lauren Rice-Jensen

It was Freakin down rite Scarey!...Id steer clear, I wonder if Bri s seen it before as she seemed calm as well.???

Joann Funk

when vicki tried to console Lidda's mom and out her arm around her. Ryan told her to stop it and immediately vicki stopped. I found that really odd. Vicki should have told Ryan to get out.  He seems really overberring and controling. He constantly tried to control everything. My guess is vivki is afraid to say much. Ryan would immediately cut vivki -ff from seeing the grand baby

nonmember avatar Kai

The guy was stressed out getting ready to go back to war.since hes been to war four or five times he probably has ptsd and one thing you dont donia get in peoples faces that so instead of making him the monster think bout it

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