Lady Gaga's Crazy Nude 'Meditation' Video Is Just Another Publicity Stunt (VIDEO)

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lady gagaWhen you think of Lady Gaga, does the term "New Age" come to mind? Does the pop diva's name instantly conjure up images of crystals and naked forest sprites prancing about and doing yoga? No?! Well. It should. Because Gaga's latest, er ... creative venture is a two-minute video devoted to all things spiritually enlightened. And by all things spiritually enlightened, we mean crystals and naked forest sprites prancing about and doing yoga. With tattoos. And rain boots.

Confused yet? I suspect that's the point. See, Lady Gaga is appearing naked in a new video promoting "The Abramovic Method," a technique for achieving "heightened physical and mental awareness" designed by performance artist Marina Abramovic. Gaga's participation is, I assume, meant to imply that the singer has in fact achieved said physical and mental awareness. Right? Why else would Lady Gaga be involved in ... oh, wait a sec.

Does this whole spiritual shebang stink of publicity stunt to anybody else? Oh, I don't mean to be needlessly cynical. Really. But just take a look at this video! (Which is, by the way, NSFW!!! Or for viewing around children, depending on how you feel about nudity in a non-sexual but sensational context.)

Get what I'm saying now? Look, I'm cool with yoga and crystals and nudity and tattoos ... I'm cool with everything in this video (except the bleached eyebrows, which freak me the crap out, and sitting naked on a giant crystal, which just looks uncomfortable). I just don't buy that Lady Gaga is really going through some spiritual transformation via "The Abramovic Method." Consider her track record: The blood and semen perfume. The meat dress. The egg thing. Just saying. Whatever gets her publicity floats her boat, it's all good. I wouldn't start calling her Lady Guru, though.

Do you think Lady Gaga's naked forest yoga video is a publicity stunt?

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Movie... Moviebuff

I dont care for at all. She is just a person who likes to act like she is unique and she is not.

fave82 fave82

She is so annoying! We get it, you're weird and different, now go away!

nonmember avatar Canadiangirlie

How is this yoga? She's yelling and sitting in rain and giving away the sight of a naked women for free....she's trying just a wee bit too hard. However I wonder what subliminal messages were just passed to my psychie! l

eupeptic eupeptic

I've been curious about Buddhism from a young age (because they aren't adamant about making claims about what is and is not true, and because they're more focused on becoming enlightened themselves and giving others the freedom to choose whether or not they want to follow rather than being judgmental and sometimes or often intolerant of those who don't follow their beliefs and practices) but chanting seemed like a big waste of time to me. Now I know that spiritual energy is often weak (compared to everything physical), and as such if we want to become more connected to everything spiritual it's important for us to put effort into putting aside our thoughts (that is, clearing your mind and relaxing) and physical and mental stimulation so that we can become more open and receptive to (or "aware" of) the types of (often subtle) influences that spiritual energy can have on our life as well as becoming more aware of the life that we are currently living on Earth. (The more aware you are of your thoughts and behavior the more likely it is that you will choose to make wise, enlightened decisions in life.)

Becoming more spiritually aware can be achieved through various means such as meditation, chanting, yoga, breathing, pausing what you're busy with for a second and relaxing, and even by doing what Lady Gaga's doing here as it's not so much about what's going on on the outside that matters, but it's how open, clear, focused, and relaxed your mind is that's important.

Jeanna Hale

Why even write this as an article?  DUH?  Lady Gaga is all about the show and last I checked she was not claiming to be a sudden guru.  Please stop being bored - get a life and stop with these lame articles.

nonmember avatar rick

she sucks and has no talent. She getting desperate, because her 15 minutes of fame is almost over. get lost gaga

BGarcel BGarcel

And thanks for contributing to her publicity stunt by giving her free advertising. Or perhaps the author was paid to write about her.....

nonmember avatar Josh

This laughable, talentless media whore is clearly beginning her 16th minute of fame. She makes Amy Winehouse look like Billie Holliday.

nonmember avatar Yemi

she is an attention seeker nothing else...though this kind of yoga does exists, all she is doing is publicity stunt...she realy got no talent..

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