'50 Shades of Grey' Audition News Will Seriously Upset Fans

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cara delevingneThe entire time we've been waiting to hear Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting news, we've had visions of Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, Alexis Bledel or Lucy Hale as Anastasia Steele, and maybe even Katie Cassidy as Kate Kavanaugh dancing in our heads. But if the latest casting buzz is any indication, that could all be about to change ... 

Sounds like lesser-known actors -- aka not complete unknowns, but young ones with short resumes -- are taking the lead in the race for the film's top roles. Take, for instance, 20-year-old Cara Delevingne, who has supposedly auditioned for a part. I know ... Cara who?!

The actress made her debut not long ago in Anna Karenina, alongside Keira Knightley. (Go figure! Those Focus people just love the indie-looking ingenues, eh?) A source told The Sun, "Cara is a front-runner for a part. She’s desperate to get the gig and has always said that she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress." But you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to one thing: It doesn't sound like she's up for Ana. She supposedly auditioned for a "secondary part." Whew!

The source goes on to say, "[Cara] is a global icon now and a good actress as well and Sam [Taylor-Johnson] wants her in the movie -- though which part exactly hasn’t been established. ... [Cara's] agent has also been talking to Kelly Marcel, the screenplay writer. And, if need be, a strong role will be written in for her."

Whoa. Well, no matter what part she nabs, sounds like her chances are high, in part because of who she knows. Her socialite sisters Poppy and Chloe know Sam through their public school pals, which the source went on to say puts Cara in a good position for a "decent role." Cara also worked with Sam's husband Aaron on Anna Karenina.

Meanwhile, a South African model named Devin Paisley is garnering attention as a possible contender for Christian Grey. Not sure where the rumors began, but Devin's fans are lobbying for him to be considered -- in part because he stars in a viral YouTube clip as Kellan Kyle from S.C. Stephens' own erotic book series, Thoughtless.

'Course neither Cara or Devin are who we expected to be cast in the flick. But if their names being floated around are any indication of who will land the key parts, we better brace ourselves. We may have to get used to the idea of absolute unknowns -- or at least, lesser-knowns -- very quickly.

What do you think about the idea of lesser-knowns like Cara and Devin in main or even supporting roles?


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nonmember avatar Ash

I would not be disappointed with Devin Paisley.... He is smokin!!

OfCourse ItsNancy

I have never heard of this Cara or her sisters or this Devin >.> but it's cool that they might be considering unknown actors a shot. It gets boring seeing the same actors in every movie ._. Except Johnny Depp. I mean, come on, It's Johnny fucking Depp!! <3

Beth Smith

I hope Cara does not get a role. She does not fit the part of anyone in the book.

nonmember avatar edita

nooo way! Cara is not as similar as Ana in the book, and not looking very inocent... but that Devin is hot, hot, hot, i n my opinion not for Christian

nonmember avatar Lizelle

I would be very disappointed Its a very Good Book I enjoyed reading it so much I don't think getting rookie actors will do the story justice no offence I Know they also want to make it out there but realy this book this story deserves only the best actors e.g Ian Somerhalder is the Perfect C Grey and Milla Kunis for Ana!!!

Barbara White Lookenott

Devin has my vote!!! I could look into those sexy eyes forever!! If I was single of course!! LOL

nonmember avatar anonymous

omg you really dont know Cara?
she is a model in Victoria Secret and not only...
she is so famous
i love her but no she is not the right girl for the role!

nonmember avatar Julie

I cannot beleive how long we have waited for casting and now we will not be having any of the favourites good luck to the movie i guess i will not be watching it

nonmember avatar adrienne

Devin fits the bill p well for ol Christian. keen to see it

Maryann Vazquez

NO to either one. They don't fit the descriptions of either character/

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