'Being Maci' Recap: Maci Bookout Finally Gets to Act Like a Teenager

Being Maci BookoutWow! MTV knows how to pack a lot of emotion into one hour, don't they? Thanks to tonight's Being Maci special, we finally got to see what Maci Bookout has been up to since Teen Mom went off the air a year ago.

Let's just tackle the elephant in the room first, huh? How crazy was it to see Ryan Edwards playing the concerned parent?

Holy role reversal Batman!

Now that Maci has broken up with Kyle King (they didn't even mention him!) and she's living in a house with two girlfriends plus Bentley that they've nicknamed the tree house, she's finally getting to do some of the teenage things she missed out on by having a kid so young and playing house with a guy. She's got a garage with a beer pong table and a keg ... which bugged the heck out of Ryan, considering Bentley plays in there. 

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You can't blame the guy for being a little perturbed, but it does seem like Maci reserves the partying for when her son isn't around.

When Bentley is home, she's still that responsible mom who is focused on her kid that we saw back in her Teen Mom days -- dealing with things like how to convince her son that he needs to move into his own bedroom and disciplining him for talking back.

And while we're on the subject of things that haven't changed, it seems Ryan is still kind of a dick to his girlfriends. The way he treated Dalis Connell, getting nasty with her on the phone when she simply wanted to talk, was uncalled for. I guess now we know why they broke up ... and it isn't just because he's still carrying a torch for Maci.

And oh man, is he ever! He can blame it on the alcohol all he wants, but Ryan went and called his ex-fiancee sexy. To her face! When he still technically had a girlfriend!

Watching them, I had that playground rhyme bouncing around my head. Ryan and Maci sittin' in a tree ...

We know the two aren't back together -- this was filmed back in December, and right now Maci has a boyfriend -- but it was nice to see them getting along, at least for Bentley's sake. They have come a long, long way from the days of Maci moving her son to another city without telling Ryan and Ryan threatening to take her to court every five minutes. 

They've both changed since Teen Mom, and certainly because of it.

Maci now has to figure out whether her friends are truly her friends or just people hanging on to her famous coat-tails, which can't be easy. But it hasn't hurt her lifestyle -- she has the money to help friends cover rent and a job at a radio station where she's billed as Maci of Teen Mom.

Not everything in her life is typical of teen motherhood these days, but considering the struggles we saw in the past, it was NICE to see Maci having fun too. Just because she's a mother doesn't mean she has to give up on ever being normal.

Ironically it's because she's an adult now that she can finally do all those teenage things she missed out on by being a Teen Mom. She's got her school and job handled, and she deserves to blow off steam when her ex has her kid.

What did you think of the new Maci?


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Elaine Cox

beer pong table and a keg?  blow off steam yes but dont get crazy.....and if she has to pay her friends rent then i think we know if they are really "friends"

lucyi... lucyintheskyy

wow paying their rent? lame.

jacki... jackiebuttons

She has to cover their share. If she doesnt, then eviction. And shes thinking of her son. They know it too. And thats pretty god damn shameful they are doing that.  Maybe the landlord shouldve came up with seperate leases. It worked for me when I was living with my boyfriend. And as for her hijinks when Bentley is gone, well, he doesnt see it. Shes not pulling a forty in a paper bag when hes on his big wheel after nap time.

And Ryan! What a douchebag. I still remember those earlier episodes when he was out cattin around while she was pregnant. And crying. The only people to blame , really, is his parents on that one. Cause I know for a fact, that a lot of moms here would kick the shit of of their sons for being that way.


nonmember avatar ash

Dalis is out of line for making negative comments about Maci in front of Bentley in the car. She is still a hater, a mean conniving insecure girl. Maci wins by being decent always, Dalis is not a threat. no competition. Maci is a great girl! Ryan is still Ryan, Maci can do better than him and his controlling parents who back him whether wrong or right. Maci and her mom by contrast ROCK!

candy... candyw210

I love Maci! So what if she has a little fun while Bentley is with his dad! She's young, let her let loose. I wish people would stop being judgmental. I think she is an amazing mom and am happy to see one of the teen moms with their heads on their shoulders. She doesn't let her kid walk all over her, she has a career and she can provide for her son in every way. How many teen moms can you say that about? Not many! My sister is a teen mom x"s 3. she had all 3 of her kids before she was 20 yrs old! That is insane too me! And she lives off of our grandma because she refuses to work and plays the " me and my kids will be homeless if you don't pay my rent and bills and buy me a car!! She is a terrible mother and yes I can say that because she is my sister, but Macy is an amazing mom and I give her a lot of props! It would be awesome to meet her in person and tell her what a wonderful job she is doing. Hopefully the people in her life do the same thing. She deserves a lot of praise for being a hardworking young single mom!!

BatMom. BatMom.

I didn't watch it, so thank you for this. Saved me an hour, lol.

nonmember avatar brianna

Why is no one commenting on the fact that when they got to the club RYAN (who was supposed to have Bentley) was there?

nonmember avatar Deetee143

More maci! More Maci! More Maci!! Give her a spin off!!

Spooky80 Spooky80

I liked the show and thought it was good and if they made it into a series I would watch it, but the only things I didnt like is how it seemed like maci was partying and drinking alot and Idont think its appropriate for them to have "bang my cl*t" written on their "beer pong" table, bentley doesnt need to see that, I'm sure he knows how to read some words and I didnt like how maci'shouse was a mess with liquor and wine bottles all over the place and "the tree house" looks more like a sorority party house and maci shouldnt be having all those people in her house drinking and partying and coming and going, I also noticed that maci and ryan were flirting with eachother and maci shouldnt be willing to "go out to dinner" with ryan while he has a gf, it seemed like maci was trying to play house with ryan as if he was single! and as for dalis....that chick is freaking crazy calling ryan every 10 minutes and freaking out on him and also when ryan showed up at that night club when he was supposed to be staying home with bentley I cant believe maci didnt say anything to him about it because he should of been babysitting bentley, I remember when maci was on teen mom she got on ryans case about going out and not watching bentley and leaving him with his parents, other than those things I do like the show and its good that when bentley was acting up at the bowling alley she took him into the bathroom and disciplined and gave him a spanking

Tripl... TripleDee30

I totally don't think Ryan has a thing for Maci, but I do believe that was an extreme case of drunk dialing. 

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