MAJOR 'Sons of Anarchy' Death Teased for Season 6 (VIDEO)

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Sons of AnarchyBetween the upcoming seasons of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and now Sons of Anarchy, I'm downright consumed with television-related speculation these days. Now that SoA is gearing up for its premiere episode on September 10th, FX is releasing all sorts of fascinating tidbits about what we'll see in the sixth season, including a brand-new trailer that's all kinds of awesome.

However, all the trailers and promotions and cast interviews pretty much pale in comparison to the BOMB creator Kurt Sutter dropped on Twitter yesterday. Get ready for some seriously unpleasant news about season 6 … and yes, here is your official SPOILER ALERT.

Here's what we know about season 6 so far: Tara's in prison (with a very unflattering haircut), Clay's also in prison, Jax is being torn apart between his loyalty to SAMCRO and his love for his family, and the very first episode will depict a controversial school shooting scene.

A just-released trailer shows some of what's being described as the "the most twisted, violent and crazy ride yet" -- check it out:

I thought nothing could top last season, with that awful scene of Tig's daughter burning to death in front of him, or when Opie was was killed in jail after a brutal beating and fatal blow to the back of the head. But apparently things are going to get even worse in season 6, because take a look at what Kurt Sutter tweeted yesterday afternoon in response to a fan:

Uh, wow. That's one hell of a tease, Sutter. It basically sounds like whatever happens in that premiere episode is going to screw us up bigtime.

He could be referring to the school shooting, because god knows watching that is going to be enormously upsetting for most viewers. But his tweet makes me think he's talking about the demise of another club member (or more than one?), and if universally-beloved Opie required a theoretical day of mourning, whose death would need a WEEK?

Could it be Tara, shanked in prison? Juice, whose situation has been deeply precarious for quite a while now? Unser, whose clock is ticking because of his cancer, but who may end up eating a bullet instead? Or … Chibs? Oh no, please not Chibs. I love Chibs beyond all reason, even more than Tig. It can't be Chibs, though, because isn't he the new VP since Bobby resigned? IT CAN'T BE CHIBS AND THAT'S FINAL.

What do you think Kurt Sutter's referring to in his cryptic tweet? Do you think a major character will die in the first episode?

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nonmember avatar Sepia830

It better not be Chibs!! It can be anyone but Jax, Chibs or Gemma and I would keep watching. Otherwise.... :(

nonmember avatar Chris

I'm with you 100%, not Chibs!

nonmember avatar Dana

Uhm hello?? School shooting??

I'll bet anything jaxs little boy gets shot.

Amber M. Freeman

I'm 100% with you on the Chibbs issue!

nonmember avatar da

Guys its 100% juice..... hes a rat and deserves to die. Scbool shooting is in jaxs past. Apparently some kind of flashback.

Only other longshot could be happy...

Chibs will be one of the last to die.

nonmember avatar Sdmb

I think something will happen to Abel or one of Opie's kids.

Susan Lockwood

I think it is bs if anyone else gets killed. Kurt Sutter has already killed off enough. And yes he should take Sept. 11 off, actually maybe he should take off Sept. 10, just for his own safety. Hahaha..........

nonmember avatar ppony

Another one saying it can't be Chibs! Nope, nope, nope! They can't kill the Scot and that's final!

nonmember avatar mary

Chips can't die and jaxs I will not watch again me and my husband and our son my step son watch this show been waiting a year it started off really good ..

nonmember avatar soafan

I just finished the newest episode and im sure it's going to be tig..... have to wait another week to know for sure

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