'Breaking Bad' Honest Trailer Breaks Down Our Addiction to Walter White (VIDEO)


Breaking Bad Honest TrailerHave you seen the deeply awesome "Honest Trailer" clips from the folks at Screen Junkies? They're a series of parody videos that include snarky yet oh-so-true commentary about various popular films. For instance, the Honest Trailer for Hunger Games, which, among other things, hilariously questioned how Peeta used his cake-decorating skills to magically camouflage himself into, what, a forest rock? ("Seriously? That is f*cking ridiculous.")

While the YouTube humor series is typically focused on movies, the latest Honest Trailer takes on Breaking Bad -- and it's every bit as fantastic as you'd expect. It's also chock-full of spoilers from past seasons, so skip the rest of this post if you haven't caught up! Otherwise, enjoy the video magic of an amazing show being skewered with perfect, loving accuracy. 

Here's the clip:

I know it's a cliché to talk about spraying the monitor with laughter-delivered beverage, but I seriously -- and ironically -- half-choked on my iced tea when I got to the part about Walt's cancer being the kind that makes him cough a lot. (Not that cancer is funny! It's just … that line is funny, okay?)

The occasional moments of slow exposition! The eternal breakfast scenes! Hank's terrible jokes! All the Latino villains! The fact that white people drone on and on about Breaking Bad even more than The Wire! Oh, it's all true, and this trailer does a truly great job of good-naturedly poking fun -- while still acknowledging how relentlessly fantastic the show is.

What did you think of the Breaking Bad Honest Trailer?

Image via AMC



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Teal Chastain Blacksten

I LOVE Honest Trailers! So hilarious. The ones for "Twilight" and "The Notebook" are hysterical.

nonmember avatar Claire

Oh, that is FANTASTIC. I love the show, but it's all true. Jesse as an unpainted Juggalo. *I* spit my drink out. Hilarious. Also...I can't wait until Sunday.

Kim Aaron Fanning

I'm going to have some painful dental work done today; have been dreading it for weeks but the fact BB comes back Sunday is getting me through. I needed this today. 

nonmember avatar Jeannette

Beverage-delivered laughter? Over this trailer? It's not that funny (but then again, neither are you Linda).

nonmember avatar Courtney

Jeannette - this trailer and Linda are hilarious, and you are rude. The wit here is fantastic: "death by exploding Grandpa, Jimi Hendrix"? I had to give this 2 watchings and lol'd both times :)

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