'50 Shades of Grey' Casting Confession Is the Last Thing We Want to Hear

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e.l. jamesIf you're itching for Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting news, a few words of wisdom ... Don't ask E.L. James for it! The author of the steamy series, who we can only guess must be engrossed right now with pre-production details, was fielding tweets from fans yesterday, and of course the #1 question on their minds was if actors for the roles of Christian and Ana have been chosen yet ...

All Erika had to say to that was, "No not yet." And when pushed by Twitter user @ElizeidaSanmor, who wrote, "whyyyy? We can't with this ))):" Erika replied, "You just have to wait." Geeeze, woman!

If I didn't know better, this would make me wonder if she occasionally fancies herself more dom than sub! Well, at the very least, she sure loves being in complete charge of when and how we catch wind of casting ...

We can't exactly blame her for remaining tight-lipped. The studio needs to do what they need to do behind closed doors before we can hear the official news. Still, at this point, fatigue really is setting in for even the loyalist Fifty Shades fans. Plenty have said they're losing interest in the film altogether, because it's taken so long, and they've since turned their attention to other entertainment. That said, Universal and Focus must know they've gotta keep some info flowing. And if anyone were to keep fans hooked with tiny details or teases, it would be E.L. James, right? But no, we get terse, unrelenting non-responses. Definitely a turn-off.

What's more, it's pretty clear that if they don't get this thing cast ASAP, that "tentative" August 2014 release date is falling by the wayside. And we'll be even more burned out on waiting ... and returns for the flick may not be what the studio had hoped. So enough already with the big mysterious, drawn-out process. Time's a'wastin'! It's about time they got this show on the road!

What do you think about E.L. James' response to her fans? Are you getting impatient with casting news or do you feel like the producers are just taking their time to get it right?


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Kathleen Rex-Infelice

Let them take their time   Getting the right people are essential

Tiffany Dicke

Absolutely, positively, insanely, impatient. Seriously!

Barbara Edders Saltzman

I am tired of all this, taking too long. Moved on too the Crossfire series, Gideon is the man now,

Sue Remsing

At this point I have lost interest.  I think most people that have read the series have coasted their own chacters who play Christian and Ana. In the minds of the readers roles have long been coasted!

nonmember avatar vicki s

I think casting is taking a little long. But what we must remember is Ms James and 50 shades has taken the world by storm, and for the last year, 50 shades has rocked our socks off. Ms James must be feeling overwelmed by everything that has and is happening right now. It is only fair that we give her privacy to choose whom ever is best to play Christian and Ana. A little longer to wait for the offical word isn't to much to ask for is it? Me personally, I'd rather take the time to get it Right the first time, rather than keep going over and over it again. So come on 50 shades fans, let's ease up a little and wait for the fab news that is surley gonna knock us on our asses.

Faith Black

As someone who lives kink, daily, & knows that 50 Shades is the vanilla version, I hope they postpone that movie until the end of time. We already have a billion newbs in the scene that think that these books are real life. Try looking up Laura Antoniou instead, people. THAT's closer to real life. THAT'S closer to how the scene actually works.

Barb Durbin-Gann

growing more impatient with each passing day! So want to see the movie and hoping that they make it into a 3 part movie too


nonmember avatar Phylicia:)

Im soooo tired of waiting! By the time the movie is even produced, im going to have to read the book again! Ugh!

prett... prettimom92

Who cares about this. The books are stupid anyway that's probably why they can't find actors to play the roles. Judst watch a porn.

Debbie Malloy

Just cast it already..my pick for fifty, the ever serious Ryan Gosling..he would be awesome!

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