Vicki Gunvalson's Military Man Son-in-Law Ryan Showed His True Colors & They're Scary (VIDEO)

Ever since I watched the finale of Real Housewives of Orange County, all I can think about is one thing: How terrible Ryan Culberson, Vicki Gunvalson's Marine son-in-law, acted. As you may recall, and probably also can't get out of your mind if you watched it, Ryan confronted Lydia McLaughlin's mom, Judy, for having her feet up on the couch during the winter wonderland party. The cameras didn't catch the scene, but the recorders did and the voice of Ryan was so chilling, it didn't need any visual accompaniment. He sounded completely unhinged. That there was something much more going on here than a man upset over some feet on the couch (which isn't even his couch, mind you). Lydia thinks so too, as she wrote in her blog.

Lydia wrote:

My poor mom. It's super hard for me to watch that scene unfold ... Although my mom is incredibly youthful and energetic she's not used to being out late and wearing high heels standing for so long. Vicki's party was a late night for her and she went inside to get warm, and put her feet up. It's not like she was Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. She was literally putting her feet up. I am proud that my mom remained so calm when Ryan was yelling profanities at her.

The scary thing here was not just Ryan's behavior, which was not appropriate, but how Briana rushed to his defense, and Vicki crumbled under the force of his cray. Vicki did stick up for her guest; however, when she put her arm around Judy, Ryan snapped: "Don't hug her! Stick up for your family!"

And Vicki actually stopped hugging her!!!

Ryan also repeatedly lied about what happened, putting things into Judy's mouth that she didn't say. You would have thought Judy had threatened to kill him the way he was describing it. Notice how close he comes to raising his fist to Judy in the below scene, even though he hardly knows her? As Lydia says:

Watching his face, so full of anger, and the way he is talking about my mom is disturbing. I have to believe his reaction has more to do with something much greater than the condition of their new couch.

Some people mentioned that Ryan, a military vet who is about to embark on his sixth tour of Afghanistan, may have PTSD. If so, he should be seeking help, not grandstanding on a TV show.

Should his behavior be given a pass because he may have this condition? On the contrary, if he has this condition, he needs to be confronted and helped. The more people let it slide, the more likely the condition will get worse. HE will get worse.

Brushing it under the rug doesn't make his family forgiving, it makes them enablers. Briana did not know Ryan (who has been divorced already) very well before they got married and his true colors may be just be coming out now. Briana may find Ryan's machismo attractive -- until he turns it on her.

The way he acted during the party, I would not want him living in a house with me -- or my children or grandchildren.

Do you think Ryan should get a pass because of his military status? Did Vicki and Briana enable him?


Image via Bravo

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momofcfk momofcfk

There is no excuse for his behaviour. It looked like both Vicki and her daughter are scared of him.....not good :(

nonmember avatar Ashley

OMGoodness... Ryan is in need of some help and i would get him out of my house and around my baby if he was my husband. That was so disrespectful... Vicki and her daughter looked scared.

nonmember avatar mandro

Ryan over reacted but how rude of Judy to kick off her shoes and put her feet on the couch at a party. And to say 'who are you' when he told her to no feet on the couch?

It sounds like she was completely dismissive and condescending, then decided to play the victim by whining to Vicki. Talk about an ungracious guest.

youth... youthfulsoul

I don't think Brianna did anything Wrong. She was trying to diffuse the situation and told him to stop repeatedly.

I think Lydia and her mom are shit stirrers.

nonmember avatar anonymous

My only question is why does it matter that he has already been divorced? That has nothing to do with this situation.

nonmember avatar Kimber

Ryan's behaviour blew me away. I had a lot of respect for him until seeing this episode. He seems like a loose cannon and I agree that he needs some professional help. I felt horrible for Lydia's mom and how he treated her. I think Vicki needs to get Briana and Ryan out of her house. They act like they own the place and tell her who can and can't come over?!?'s Vicki's house people!

Lynn Basham Kantor

How old is he if he is going on his 6th tour of duty? He doesnt look much older than 25 or 30. And I have never heard of his other marriage, how did that one end.

abra819 abra819

I think he's ready to blow. I just saw pure anger in his eyes. Very scary. Wouldn't want him around me. I can't stand Lydia, but damn, he took it to far.

Bryce... Brycesmommy21

After watching this episode I could not get Ryan out of my head. I always thought he was great for Breanna until that clip. I would be scared, and to see how she defended him so quickly makes me believe this is not the first time he blew up. Infact Billy Vicki's brother even said to Ryan you always have a problem and you need to settle down. So I'm sure given Breanna's way of defending him and Vicki's brothers statement this is not the first he has done this. Of course it would be rude to go make your self at home in someone else's home without asking first but it's not like she went into a room and slept in their beds. A couch is meant to be sat in! Either way Ryan approached the situation horribly, he was very rude to her and showed another side to him. There is no excuse to talk to anyone like that, even if he did "own" the home like he first tried to pass off that would still be a very rude way to approach your guest. Vicki had a party with quit a bit of people and she opened her home and self up to things possible getting ruined. I hope Breanna really pays attention and doesn't subject herself to an abusive ass like him. 

funmo... funmommy123

He's probably had issues before he went to the military. Like you said, Briana didn't know him well before marrying him.

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