'Couples Therapy' Recap: Tyler Baltierra's Dad Got Darn Lucky

Stuck in Reality 2

Tyler BaltierraVH1's Couples Therapy continues to be a tough show to watch, especially if you're a fan of Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. We've seen the two face off against Flavor Flav about adoption, end their engagement, and try to figure out who they are without their other half. But tonight wasn't about the reality stars as a couple. Tonight's big revelation was really about Tyler himself.

After negotiating a peace treaty between Flav and Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Berman could sense a lot of anger broiling among the cast members, and she decided it was time to do something about it. The group was sent out to a junkyard for a special kind of therapy we haven't seen inside their swanky digs.

They were there to tear shit up.

Dressed in a jumpsuit and a pair of goggles, Tyler got to go first. The goal? To break things, and break down his anger against his father.

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Boy did he ever. The Teen Mom star destroyed windows, a mirror, and slammed on a car, all the while ranting about dad Butch Baltierra's failure as a father. It was a good call -- this sort of therapy gave Tyler a chance to act like an angry kid, something he sorely needs.

Because although he's a young man and technically Butch's son, Tyler acts like he's the dad. During a talk with one of the other doctors in the house tonight, Tyler admitted he prefers it when Butch is in prison, but the words he used were particularly parent-like.

I know you're sleeping, I know you're eating, I know you're not high. It's almost ... it's comforting for me.

Eating? Sleeping? What kind of kid thinks these things about his parent?

Not most of us!

I think one of the hardest parts of listening to Tyler tonight was hearing the care that's in his voice, despite all that Butch has done to him.

When he yelled, "He should have loved me and took care of me," I know I had tears streaming down my face, even though Butch isn't my dad. I might have cried harder than I did when Francis's girlfriend Abbey Wilson, a model with an eating disorder, took out her anger on a scale. I DO have an eating disorder, and it felt like she was fighting my fight right there on the TV.

But even through Tyler's anger, you can hear the love of a little boy who just wants his father to be a good dad. Butch screwed up royally as a dad, screwed up so royally he doesn't deserve a kid like that. But he got lucky because Tyler IS a good kid, and he does care.

Maybe he cares a little too much ...


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nonmember avatar sandy

I think that the lack of comments here is because the author said it all! There is no way that a kid (Tyler) can be the parental figure to his own parent, and not store resentment. For him, it will be all about finding the balance between genuinely loving and caring about his dad, and moving on to live his own adult life. He will have to practice some "tough love" with papa, in much the same way as any parent: it would be easy to fall back into the enmeshed co-dependence that has characterized their relationship. Tyler's strength and maturity will need to make sure that does not happen, and dad will have to learn some new skills and strengths of his own.

Joo Hee Bennett

I don't watch either show regularly, but the little bits I have seen of Tyler, I am amazed how "good" he turned out.  My husband's father and mother are the same in the sense that they had 2 children, and never too care of them- cared more for partying and getting high/drunk... my husband and his sister, instead of following that path, decided they wanted more for themselves and are good providers/people/parents now from learning from their parent's mistakes.  So many kids end up following their parent's path.... 

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