'RHOC' Season 8 Reunion: 5 Dramatic Confrontations We Can't Wait to See Explode (VIDEO)

lauri peterson and gretchen rossiIt's almost time for the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County to take to the couches for the most anticipated Housewives event -- the Season 8 Reunion. Lucky us, this one is going to be a three-part smack-down, and we can't wait to see what goes down when it all begins Monday.

While we can never fully prepare for what happens when Andy Cohen gets all the ladies and their coiffed selves into one room, there are some things (besides lots of hairspray and glittery eye shadow) that we can expect based on the quips and hints the ladies have made as of late -- things like name calling, tantrums, and plenty of tears. Here are five major things we can't wait to watch go down.

1. Alexis Bellino calls Gretchen Rossi a "liar"

After their uncomfortable attempted reconciliation, we knew they weren't going to skip off into the sunset together, but previews show things getting ugly ... and Gretchen's face actually moving a bit. We see Gretchen whining, "... everyone says I'm a liar." Then Alexis shoots back, "You are a liar!" Where they'll go from there, we can only look forward to seeing.

2. Briana and Brooks have it out

It's been a long time coming as they haven't been around each other all season. Let it out, Briana!

3. Vicki Gunvalson can't take the heat

What would a reunion be without someone storming off the set? Apparently this time it's Vicki who bolts. Gretchen recently told ABC News: "It's always going to be Vicki, every time, without fail. Vicki always wants to get up and leave ...”

4. Tamra and Gretchen may put the final stakes in their friendship

Those friendship bracelets aren't going back on anytime soon, especially since Tamra has been saying that Gretchen only proposed to Slade for a little publicity. Ouch. Can't wait to see Vicki gloat when those two go at it.

5. Gretchen's going to try to redeem herself ... and fail

She says she has voice mails proving she was offered a role on Malibu Country, and I'll be interested to hear them. Regardless though, it's not going to make anyone like her. I fully expect her to be the one to hate on the reunion ... just as she was all season.

How excited are you for the reunion of The Real Housewives of Orange County? What are you most looking forward to seeing?


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Donna Pacheco

I can't wait for this party to start!!!! I'm team WOO HOO all the way!!!!

Lynne Edwards Akers

Do any of these "ladies" watch the show??? If they did most allegations are answered on air!

1. Yes Gretchen was offered a small cameo on malibu country. The only thing we don't know is why she didn't take it!

2. Brooks is a piece of work. All I can say is really Vicky??? Maybe there is some truth to Vicky being on the kinky side Brooks is a real PERV!!!!!!

3. I have never met a Marine I didn't like till the Winter Wonderland episode

4. Tamera is full of herself...period!

5. Alexis does not listen to both sides of a story before taking a stand.

6.Vicky is not and never will be a "QUEEN BEE" she has no self esteem unless the word insurance comes into play

7. Lydia* is right there with Alexis...she never waits till the end of a conversation before she pipes in

8. Shame on Slade for attacking peoples looks when all he had to do was speak the truths about personalities.

9. When will these ladies learn that to much Botox is ugly!!!

10. Breanna, God Bless her heart! 

Things we as viewers know, we will have to record the show and watch it over and over to be able to make any sense out of it all because we won't be able to hear everything because Bravo lets these ladies scream over each other.

Renee Dupuis Christian

It must be so painful to be crying and your face can't move.

nonmember avatar Harry

Well first off I strongly disagree with the use of the word 'hate' when referring to Gretchen. I don't believe any of us have a reason to 'hate' Gretchen, she hasn't done anything to offend us personally, we can dislike her but I don't think she should be 'hated' for her portrayal this season. That said, every season she's been on I've been a massive supporter of Gretchen, and yes this season she's probably been the one I disliked the most, but I think she is 100% true about the nature of the show. Vicki, Tamra and Alexis saunter around acting one way and as soon as Gretchen does the same it's all of a sudden not acceptable. It's like they're prejecting their own self-loathing on to her, because at the end of the day that's what they're doing, identifying faults in themselves.

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