‘Game of Thrones’ Hotties Spotted at Hotel Together & Fans Can’t Help but Rejoice (PHOTO)

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Kit Harington Emilia ClarkeGame of Thrones season 4 seems like an eternity away. WTF are we supposed to do between now and then? Stalk our favorite stars from the show? Well ... okay then.

Rumor mills were a-churnin' (sort of) when Kit Harington, who plays hottie Jon Snow, and Emilia Clarke, who plays hottie Daenerys Targaryen, were seen arriving together at a West Hollywood Hotel on Saturday night. Harington has been reported to be involved with his costar Rose Leslie (awww Ygritte!!) but was also seen recently eating together with Rachel McAdams. Emilia, on the other hand, has supposedly been dating James Franco, after her well publicized split with Seth MacFarlane.

But come on! Why delay the inevitable? Daenerys and Jon, ahem, Kit and Emilia would make the perfect couple. They were seen walking into a hotel together! They were dressed rather nicely! It was a Saturday night! Doesn't that mean something? Who cares if they're costars or maybe friends?? Reason, be damned!

Pretty much every fan of A Song of Ice and Fire would love to see Jon and Daenerys get it on. They're two of the best, sexiest heroes of the series. Both have honor, courage, compassion, intelligence, strength, and have even managed to live this long in a George R. R. Martin kill-everyone-off-friendly universe.

If their romance happens on screen (even though Daenerys says her true love is Drogo, and Jon is with Ygritte, blah blah blah), then the two of them eventually getting together IRL is the stuff nerd fans' dreams are made of. They would so kick RPattz's & KStew's ass! At least we know they can film a steamy sex scene ... albeit separately. Just imagine what they could do together.

There's even a Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Jon and Daenerys, possibly the best name of a Tumblr ever. What more do these smoldering stars need to convince them that they need to get it on?

Sarcasm aside, yes, they probably were just strolling into the hotel together and it means nothing more than that. But everything about them is just so damn likable, and they're both so damn pretty, and the show is so damn good, a real life romance blossoming among all the twists, sex, baby killings, horse beheadings, and torture on the show would make life for a Game of Thrones fan pretty perfect. I only wish I were exaggerating.

For now we can only hope that Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion, and the dragons conquer Westeros and live long, happy lives together. Yeah right, this is Game of Thrones after all, but let's just picture this completely unrealistic, ridiculously happy ending until the seventh book comes out.

Do you think Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington would make an awesome couple?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Horit

"Pretty much every fan of A Song of Ice and Fire would love to see Jon and Daenerys get it on. "

That is a completely and utterly false statement. Spend just 10 minutes at the largest book only website that exists on the internet and you'll quickly see just how incredibly wrong you are.

nonmember avatar GatsbyGirl

You're so wrong! We fans HATE his girlfriends, especially Rose Leslie because she played a very irritating, ugly character! Most of us Jon fangirls wish he (and Kit for that matter) was gay so we could see him paired with hot men and IRL there would be no more smug girlfriends for us to agonise over but a string of delicious yaoi pics on the net!!

nonmember avatar Hodor

...... I can feel the fanfictions

nonmember avatar Youknownothing

You have obviously not read the books then... Ending of book 5 might dissagree with them fantasies u got

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