Lea Michele Shares Moment From 'Glee' Season 5 Set That Will Give You Chills (PHOTO)

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Lea MicheleIt's been a tough, tough time for the cast of Glee since Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room July 13. Less than a month after Cory's death, filming for season 5 is officially underway in Los Angeles. There's no doubting that it takes a serious professional to push aside the hurt and emotional anguish of a loss like this. Which is why I'm astounded by Monteith's girlfriend Lea Michele and her strength back on set as Rachel Berry.

The actress tweeted this photo (right) yesterday along with the caption: "Feels so good to be home ... #GleeSeason5." I love it. It's touching. I love how Lea refers to the set of the hit show as home. For her, she can find so much comfort in the happy memories she's had during this whole experience there. For her, Glee may just be the one thing that keeps her sane.

It seems that getting back into the swing of things is helping Lea grieve the loss of Cory. At least that's how it seems on Twitter, anyway. First, Lea mentioned working on a "perfect" song to start the year with, and thanked two of the show's music producers. Then, she posted this thoughtful photo.

In the photo, Lea looks contemplative, pensive. While admittingly she looks on the thinner side, she seems at peace and comfortable in her surroundings.

Stay positive, Lea. Continue what you're doing. We all know that's exactly what Cory would want.

What do you think of Lea's somber photo?


Image via msleamichele/Twitter



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Too "grieving widow" for me.

nonmember avatar MomFail

Prima487 Well, it wouldn't be TheSTir without someone with a negative comment just to be negative. Feel better now?

On a related note, I really need to STOP reading the comments on this site. They make me stabby.

Kamala George

Awwwww poor dear. So sad. I'm glad she (and they) are finding the strength to carry on.

SaphireH SaphireH

She's close enough to being a widow. And to those who say shes young she will move on not always, im 26 and if my hubby died that way i sure as hell wouldnt be able to move on

Amanda Lambert

I respect Leah and the rest of the cast of Glee much more now, for their strength. I can't even imagine the sadness they must feel being on set without Cory.

ZiZiMom ZiZiMom

I am so proud of her she is a lot stronger than I would be!! But I know being back at work helps it sure helped me!! And being around friends and family helps and it seems the glee cast are more like family and that has to help her through this difficult time and I pray God comforts her and wraps her in his love !! And I think Cory was a great guy and shouldn't played in the movie McCanick he played a addict and I just don't think he was strong enough to play something that he once was and it just brought back all the wrong feelings and he probably thought he could control it and unfortunately it ended up killing him such a sad story and I hope all remember him for all the good he did and the love he had for Lea!!!

nonmember avatar Eugenia

Such a sordid world. Lea must be feeling Cory at her side because of the suddenness of the loss . Sure there are negative people who sees only the bad side of people . Well, Cory is special because not only was he been given a chance at stardom but also a chance to portray a role which look like " this is what I would have been if my choices were different". Not many people were given a chance to do that in their lifetimes. As we're sure, lots of people love him as kind and generous human being specially those who experienced him in life. It is as true as day and night , that those who have no heart to share , have nothing good to say about this young man. They see what is reflected in their hearts . Yes, like mirror. Well, wether , some like it or not... Cory made something out of a messed up life he had and shared his blessings to a lot of people. He made a colossal mistake that cost his life, but never in a million years ; would he knowingly had caused such grief to many specially Lea . Glee... Be strong. This is your legacy too.

KnoxM... KnoxMom76

No chills here. 

Baile... Bailey8307

@Prima, seriously? Lea described Cory as the love of her life and she lost him before they even had a chance to have a life together. The show portrayed them as a couple with lasting love for one another as well. What exactly did you expect to see when the show comes back?

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