'Walking Dead' Norman Reedus’s Plan for How Daryl Should Die Is Surprisingly Hot

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Daryl DixonRemember last month when Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was asked about show favorite Daryl Dixon and the "If Daryl dies, we riot" meme, and Kirkman got feisty and tried to proactively break our hearts by being all, "I'LL DO IT, MAN! DON'T THINK I WON'T KILL HIM! IF DARYL DIES IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU" and we were all, damn dude it's just a television series it's not like we'd really riot ha ha ha anyway Kirkman no big deal but we're outside your house right now and we have some flaming torches.

It turns out Kirkman's little threat didn't exactly go unnoticed, and Norman Reedus was recently asked to respond to the possibility of his character's death. In true Reedus fashion, his answer didn't pull any punches ("I think it’s silly to think any one of these characters on the show are invincible"), but his comment on how he'd like to see Daryl die was also ... um, surprisingly sexy?

If you missed Kirkman's exact statement about killing off Daryl, here's what he said:

But specifically about the Daryl thing -- that fan reaction is going to get him killed. I feel like it’s a dare. Like, "Oh, really? You’re gonna riot? We’ll see ... we’ll see. No one is safe."

Then, presumably, Kirkman made this face:

The folks at Comicbook.com asked Norman Reedus to comment on Kirkman's fan trolling teasing threat, and Reedus said,

I would be very bummed. (...) it’s a dangerous world and Daryl has a lot to discover as do all the players.

Reedus was then asked how he'd prefer to see Daryl go out if the show creators ever did decide to pull the plug on his character:

What’s with all these death questions? Maybe I can be found by a harem of sirens that can sing to me and pet my head. I could become their sex slave and populate mermaid land with redneck fish people.


Ahem. Anyway, if the image of Daryl Dixon being a sex slave doesn't get your motor going, perhaps this image will?

Apparently Reedus is the latest celebrity ambassador for Cruelty Free International, which just goes to show he's an awesome guy. Who somehow looks hot as hell even when he's awkwardly holding a pissed-off cat.

Seriously, do you think AMC would kill off Daryl Dixon any time soon? I'd be shocked as hell, but maybe that's exactly what they're going for ... the bastards.

Image via AMC, Cruelty Free International

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LunaM... LunaMom87

You crack me up Linda. I love your enthusiasm! I really hope Daryl doesn't get killed. It would totally ruin the vibe on the show and break many hearts. Daryl is the badass, and if they kill Daryl I think the shit will hit the fan.

nonmember avatar Megan nelson

If Daryl dies that would b sooo stupid!!! I mean he's like one of the main characters and Rick is already messed up so I wouldn't b surprised if he killed himself or something and if Daryl dies right after Rick then what's the group gonna do??? I frikkin love Daryl and so does everyone else so I think he shouldn't die.

Vanessa Callender-Wilson

Better not I am love with him, if he is kill him off then the show will be for me.

nonmember avatar Betty

That would so totally suck, no saying the other actors are not great. they are. but aTWD needs Daryl Dixon! so do we!!!!

nonmember avatar (:Hi there:)

I seriously hope they don't kill him off, they will literally loose so many fans, I love everyone on the show, but I think if they killed off Daryl I would riot (: <3

Kim Powell

So.... where do I sign up for this harem?

Anita Botha

The Walking dead won't be the same without him, he makes the story .I'll definitely stop watching if he dies in the series

Donald Craig

kirkman can say what he wants...he know just like us fans that the show will not survive if he kills Daryl off...they have a HUGE hit on their hands and i think it is bigger than they ever thought...but without Daryl it will be worse than that trash show hell on wheels...

nonmember avatar DeeKaye

I doubt they'd want to kill Daryl off. If indeed the head of AMC himself wants "The Walking Dead" to go on for another 10 seasons or so, they need to keep Daryl around! He's a part of why the show is so good. ;)

Brad Lindsey

He can do what he wants to and we can prefer not to watch the show and when the ratings plummet he only has his self to blame.

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