Farrah Abraham Poses Half-Naked for 'Girls & Corpses' Magazine ... CORPSES?!! (VIDEO)

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Farrah AbrahamJust when we all thought Farrah Abraham couldn't stoop any lower, she goes ahead and proves us wrong. The former Teen Mom star and porn star extraordinaire has been on a binge of questionable decisions since her sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, came out back in May. Since she couldn't get a spread in Playboy, the 22-year-old is doing the next best thing: posing for Girls and Corpses magazine.

You read that right. Farrah Abraham is posing with a corpse wearing a teeny bikini. I ... I'm still trying to digest the fact that there IS such a thing as Girls and Corpses. What kind of sick and twisted things are people INTO these days!? And here I was thinking Sheep magazine was the weirdest publication on the market.

But back to the cover girl Ms. Abraham. Did I already say this is a whole new low for Farrah? Right. It's safe to say I'm officially creeped out.

After the whole sex tape shebang went down (pun intended), it was sad. I'll be the bazillionth person to say that my heart went out to Farrah's daughter Sophia thinking about how she'll feel one day when she sees her mom sprawled out naked for the entire world to see. Farrah could have been a one and done. She could have done the one tape for her "personal collection," then retreated. However, she's launched herself on this crazy whirlwind ride that goes along with being in the porn industry -- attending parties, holding events at gentleman's clubs, the whole nine yards.

To me, it seems like she's become addicted to the fame and the money that comes along with it. No self-respecting woman would casually pose next to a cadaver because she wants to or thinks it would be "fun." This particular fetish, it's just ... UGHHHH. I have chills just thinking about it. Farrah knew that this opportunity would get people talking. She knew it would make headlines and THAT'S why she did it.

I really don't think it can get any worse than this, but man, I won't be surprised if it does. Watch some behind-the-scenes footage from Farrah's Girls and Corpses shoot, here:

Do you have chills, too?

Image via F1Abraham/Twitter

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Teri_25 Teri_25

She looks like she's become anorexic or bullemic because each time I've seen her, she gets skinnier and skinnier. Those arms are just too small for her frame. I hope Sophia grows up to be a normal girl, but as each month passes, Farrah seems to be doing something more stupid than the last thing. At least Amber got her shit together. I don't see this happening here for Farrah any time soon, if ever.

Valerie Hager

HOW was it hard for her to show her BUTT?????????

Did she do a nasty porn that showed it all??

Just saying! I lost all my respect for her...

I DO NOT RESPECT trashy nasty whores!!!!!!!!!

Brittany Mauldin

this girl just dont know when to quit does she??? being on girls and corpses doesnt make her look any better and doesnt make her a better person either. i dont accept her,i dont like her,she is an airhead. good day!!

mom2a... mom2asmarttot

I feel so bad for her daughter. One day she will be able to see all the things her mom has been doing. I can't believe she is so selfish. It's going to crush her daughter to know that anyone can see her momma naked at the click of a mouse.

Barbara S. Cobb

If she keeps doing the things she does,she will end up being a "REAL CORPSE"!!!



Saraj... Sarajesse

I thought that magazine was an internet joke


Samfan97 Samfan97

What a train wreck...

nonmember avatar Monica

Are you fucking kidding me?

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