'True Blood' Hunk Could Be Next Batman ... If Hottie Ryan Gosling Doesn't Win Role First!


joe manganielloConfession: I don't care about superheroes. Not one teensy weensy bit. I mean, sure, I can work up a mild interest in the genre for the sake of my son or whatever, but I've never given a second (or first) thought as to who might play Batman/Superman/Spider-Man/Whoeverelseman ... until now. Because on the short list to play the Caped Crusader in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman are -- check this out! -- Ryan Gosling and Joe Manganiello. That's right: Either Ryan Gosling or Joe Manganiello will be wearing tights on the big screen in the near future. Swoooooon!! (In case you're wondering, rumor has it director Zack Snyder wants John Hamm as Superman.)

Unfortunately, Gosling and Manganiello aren't the only two actors reportedly in the running ... 

Josh BrolinRichard Armitage (The Hobbit), Matthew Goode (The Watchman), and Max Martini (Pacific Rim). But they're the only two actors we care about ... right? The big question now, of course, is WHICH super hot hottie should win the role. Holy Tough Choice, Batman! 

I honestly don't know if I could make this particular call. Manganiello and Gosling are equally sexy, they're just completely different types of sexy. So, let's start by figuring out which type of sexy Batman should be: Raw, dangerous werewolf sexy? Or Hey girl, I might be James Dean reincarnated sexy?

Hmmm. Y'all know I love myself some True Blood, but ... I'm leaning towards Alexander Skarsgard Ryan Gosling!! (Seriously, why NOT Alexander Skarsgard??)

Do you think Joe Manganiello or Ryan Gosling would make a better Batman? 


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Veronica Daze

I think Gosling is a total miscast and they will be wrong to put him in the part. Hamm might be alright but I had to look him up because I had never heard of him nor most of the others except Joe. If they want someone that is physically attractive then I would think Joe would be the best choice. He has the edge, the looks and would look great in the costume and imposing. I think of Gosling as more wimpy...sorry.

nonmember avatar Sally

It's not about who would make the hottest Batman, it's about who can actually play the character, especially since they are drawing from the classic The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. Josh Brolin is the only name so far that comes close to right, and we've all seen what happens when they cast Batman on looks alone (aka George Clooney, the worst Batman ever.) They need to pull someone completely unexpected (like Burton did with Michael Keeton) if they hope to bring Batman back this soon.

nonmember avatar Tasha

Not sure i could handle Joe and Henry in the same movie. Double the hotness!! Bring it on!!!

Kirby Shara

I think it shouldn't be based on who's hot. It should be based on talent and roles from the past that brought out qualities that can be brought back to the screen as Batman. If there are actors who should be considered for the role, I say one should be Gabriel Macht. Macht could bring that 'unexpected' factor to the role and bring out the Bruce Wayne/Batman persona that we all know and love. Macht has done plenty of action roles in the past, along with starring as Donny Colt AKA The Spirit in the self superhero-titled film with an all-star cast and great plot (depending on whether or not the viewer had read 'The Spirit' in DC Comics). However, said in the brackets, the comics weren't as popular like other DC superheroes and, seeing as most didn't get the plot and saw it as just another superhero movie that looked like 'Sin City', wrote it off and it instead became a cult favorite for those who watched it in the theaters and then bought it for DVD. In that role, Macht showcased Batman attributes that would make him well suited to down the cape and mask. Starring in the hit USA Network show 'Suits' brings out the cocky, playboy front that would be needed for the movie when playing as Wayne, and he's also great at bringing out the emotion of his characters and their trials. He should be a top contender to be the next Batman.

Autumn Williamson

Joe Manganello, Gabriel Macht, or Channing Tatum for Batman. I think they could all pull it off.

Rachel Maxwell

If you watch Magic Mike.. Ryan Gosling's in it ;) Just saying ladies.

nonmember avatar Kevin

Wro wrote this? Someone needs to fact check. "Zach Snyder wants Jon Hamm as Superman"??? That's a 3 year old rumor and we (and Snyder) HAVE a Superman. Did you not hear of a little movie called Man of Steel? Some people are stupid.

nonmember avatar blah

Yea, a bunch of soccer moms swooning over men they will never get and trying to decide who should play batman? And none of them have a clue as to the type of actor that SHOULD actually play batman. IMO we already have a batman. Christian Bale. He did a great job besides the kindy cheesy gravely voice.

nonmember avatar Juan Miranda

I just want to know who in the heck...is suggesting Josh Brolin! The guy doesn't look like Bruce Wayne and he is way to old for the role. Although, I believe that Ryan Gosling, Karl Urban and Joe Manganiello will do the job right. Come on people Josh Brolin are you guys serious!

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