6 Reasons 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis' Season Will Be Must-See TV

juan pablo galavisNow that Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are happily engaged and off to start their life together in Seattle, it's time that we turn our attention to the next chapter: Juan Pablo's journey to find his true love! The Venezuelan former pro soccer player made quite an impression while trying to win Desiree's heart. Though he wasn't one of Des's frontrunners, JuanPabs (yes, that's a thing now) became an instant fan favorite. And no, not just because his looks and his accent have all the ladies fanning themselves!

It's obvious we're going to see some seriously hot competition for his heart. Here, just a few of the reasons to watch Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor ...

  1. More adorableness with his daughter Camila! Unlike someone like Ben Scott who was clearly using his kid as a "look at how great I am" accessory, Juan Pablo is obviously very devoted to his little girl, and I wouldn't be surprised if she makes the occasional appearance via Skype on the show. Thus, we get to see JuanPabs in way cute daddy mode!
  2. Mommy wars! Whoever wins JuanPabs's heart is going to have to be a wonderful stepmom to Camila, so everyone vying for his affections is going to have to prove they've got awesome parenting skills.
  3. Sexy soccer skills. Make no mistake -- Juan Pablo's going to bring his possible fiancees out onto a football field so they're all like, "David Beckham who?!"
  4. The return of ... Zak Waddell?! It's clear from their Instagram duets, Juan Pablo and fellow Bachelorette reject Zak W. have become BFFs. So fans of the Texan drilling engineer will most likely get to see him come back to offer his buddy some sage advice.
  5. Miami heat? Juan Pablo may be from Venezuela, but he's settled down in Miami. Would love to see him romance his top contenders in the glitzy, sexy, beachy Magic City!
  6. A chance to get to know the dashing, doting dad better. Fans were crazy for the little bit they saw of Juan Pablo. There's no question we're going to be psyched to see even more of him over the coming months.

What are you most excited to see in Juan Pablo's season?

Image via ABC

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