'Glee' Star Lea Michele Makes Beautiful Music for Cory Monteith

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Cory Monteith Lea MicheleIt's been less than a month since Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in a hotel room in Canada, but as they say in the business, the show must go on. And has it ever. Glee started filming last week, and Monteith's long-time girlfriend Lea Michele is already back in the studio, recording songs.

Beautiful songs, from the sound of it (I know, if they come out of her mouth, they're bound to sound gorgeous, but bear with me).

Lea returned to work late last week, admitting she'd missed Rachel Berry "so much." But this week she had to drive back into the song booth, recording the music that will play behind the acting. And as painful as it might have been -- she often sang duets with Cory -- Lea turned to Twitter to share her strength with us:

Couldn't have picked a more beautiful & perfect song to start the year with..

She thanks brothers Alex and Adam Anders, music producers on the show for supporting her in the booth. Adam recently retweeted a note from Lea that Cory will forever be in her heart while Alex commended her strength and "sweet spirit."

Of course Cory will be in her heart. There's no button we can push to turn off the grief, and the upcoming tribute episode, expected to be the third in the Glee line-up this season, must be weighing heavily on the cast. From what we know of the storyline, it will deal directly with the very thing that took Cory's life -- drugs. And Lea's voice will be heard.

That's what makes the strength and spirit Alex Anders referred to so incredible.

She's back at work AND she's got a positive attitude.

She's not whining about it. She's looking to it as a haven, a place to draw strength from. She's throwing herself into her singing and her acting, and she's finding beauty in this world.

Some have called her a diva over the years, but that's not what we're seeing from her in the midst of what may well be one of the worst times of her life. We're seeing a pillar of strength, a woman who it's hard not to admire ... and want to give a big hug at the same time.

The music she's making right now is bound to be beautiful not just because of song choice, but because of the emotion she's channeling into it.

Mark my words, you're going to want to watch Glee this season to hear it. 

Are you surprised at how positive Lea is acting right now?


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Paul Anderson

SHE is headed for a break down , she needs to take time off and greve if she don't all this so called strength she is showing will not end well, she needs to seek professional help to deal with the hurt she seems to be swallowing and shed tears, and lots of them.

nonmember avatar Guest

Paul, what makes you think she hasn't already had that breakdown? Now she may be choosing to focus on the good and move past the grief.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Seriously? We have to hear about this story everyday? 

Barb Foreman

I disagree with you on this assessment of Lea's emotional state.
She has had her moments of emotional paralysis, she's cried, and has gone through the hell of saying her final good-bye to the love of her life. She is still going through the steps of grief. She's doing it at her pace and in her own way. We all deal differently with loss, and for Lea her work and being on the set of Glee is cathartic and comforting. She's shouldn't be expected to grieve forever, let her heal.
Everyone seems to be looking for her to have some huge public breakdown. Grief is a very personal and intimate emotion, when so much of her life is already tabloid fodder she should be allowed to keep her heart break to herself. She is surrounded by friends and family and "grief counselors" that are currently on the set.
She will be fine.

Elizabeth P. Swenson

Everyone griefs different. It's offensive to tell someone how to deal with their heartbreak. Leave her alone and let her do her thing, Paul.

Valerie Wagner

i think that she is showing true courage and she has probably dealt with some of the grief on her own but this does not go away overnight this kind of grief takes a lifetime to deal with u cant just get up and shake it off her heart will belong to cory for a long time to come....she is devastated but she will burt herself in her work for a long time to come yet because this is how she is dealing with her loss....i would seriously like to give this girl a big hug and just be her friend....LEA i am so very sorry for your loss but u are very courageous and strong keep Cory in your heart forever...i cant wait to watch Glee again

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