'Real Housewives of Orange County' Finale Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Goes Ballistic on Slade Smiley

Vicki Gunvalson's winter wonderland party continued in the finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County and it felt as long and chilly as winter in Antarctica. Nobody is really getting along these days, so it was odd that anyone wanted to party together, but hey, that's what the show is about, right? Vicki's unbalanced son-in-law, Ryan, started the good times off by blowing up at Lydia McLaughlin's mother, Judy, who made the near-fatal mistake of putting her feet up on Vicki's couch.

Ryan belligerently confronted her and threatened to kick her out when she dared to ask who he was. When the ladies rallied around Judy, Ryan began exaggerating the encounter to make it seem like Judy had deeply disrespected him, which she didn't. This guy has a lot of issues. Granted, he's off to Afghanistan soon, but that's no reason to turn psycho on some old woman for resting her feet on your MIL's couch.

Next up were Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi, who have gone from bracelet buds to frenemies in one season. The two decided to hash out their issues, and as usual Gretchen ended up backing down in the face of Tamra's cold, hard stare.

"You take things and hold on to them," Tamra said, in her deeply empathetic and tender way. "I'm over it. Move on." Gretchen nodded absently until Tamra finally leaned over and hugged her. Gretchen looked like she was being hugged by a wild boar and had no choice but to go along with it.

Vicki informed Briana that she was going to continue to date Brooks whether her daughter liked it or not. Briana said fine, but that she did not want to see Brooks and would move out of the house instead. What a brilliant ploy by Vicki to get Briana and her cray husband out of her house! But judging by the updates at the end of the show, Vicki and Brooks' reunion didn't last long. Did anyone think it would?

Just as the biggest explosions are left for the end of a fireworks display, so too was the biggest fight left for the end of the party. Vicki called Slade over and presented him with a gift that he "inspired": A bottle of Vicki's brand label vodka, in bacon flavor. "In honor of Miss Piggy," she said, then added: "There should be Deadbeat Dad vodka too."

Needless to say, that sparked a round of back and forth between Slade and Vicki, who ended up calling Slade a "piece of shit" and, in her signature screech, pierced Gretchen's ears with, "Don't you get it?!!!" (Leave it to Vicki to be subtle.)

Still not over the fact that Slade stuck her with the Miss Piggy and Tupperware Face nomenclatures, Vicki berated him that he shouldn't make fun of women's looks. Slade responds (to the camera) that if Vicki wants to be treated like a woman, she should put away her penis. Oh yikes, that's a mental picture I didn't need.

Lydia unexpectedly joined in the attack, angry over Slade saying that she "needed to eat a cheeseburger." When Slade tried to apologize, she snapped, "Screw you!"

Whoo boy. I hope no one is driving home.

So that pretty much wrapped it up. It doesn't seem like anyone really likes anyone else, but the ladies got together and took a photo with each other anyway, and then Heather explained to the camera that this was what friendship was about.

Well, not in my house. But I'll watch it in yours. Just don't come over! Unless you bring some of that bacon vodka.

What were some of the most memorable moments this season?


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nonmember avatar Krista

Wow Ryan and Briana don't let the door hit ya on the way out of Mommy's house. Briana should worry about her Husband (not Brooks) he appears to be a potential abuser with that temper. The two squatters need to hit it and shame on you Briana if you with old your Son from Vicki out of spite because she wouldn't let your spoiled behind run her life. I am so disgusted by Ryan. GROW UP IDIOT!

nonmember avatar bjp

Ryan was beyond rude...felt bad for lydias mom..vicky dear wear a bra plz...

fab2013 fab2013

Ryan was so rude..I woul have slapt him..and vick plzzzzzzz start wearing a bra...

Sunday Boettcher

Vikki, why don't you put that little BITCH Ryan in his place? Stop worrying about everything and everyone else and put that asshole Ryan in his place? He lives in YOUR home, not the other way around.......
Ryan Suck It!

nonmember avatar Amanda

Ryan your additude and the way you spoke tonight was disgusting You should be so embarrassed and ashamed that you lied about how the altercation REALY went down and how you cussed at her repeatedly !!!! I seriously was screaming at your face You are foul i cant believe breanna is brainwashed by you I hope when everyone sees this episode tonight that they all realize YOU LIED and tried to cover it up how you screamed and cussed at her I love this show iv watched it from day one and you make me the sickest You speak to women like that And u defend my country Embarrassing ..... Get out of Vicki's house your nasty additude i don't want to see you on this show next season

Shawn Nicole Delgadillo

Ryan being "unbalanced" is an absolute under statement! What a rude and lying little prick! I'm sorry but just because you are stressed over being deployed once again to Afghanistan doesn't give him the right to fly off the handle over someone merely putting their feet up on the couch! Vicki's daughter, to me, is in danger of falling right into the hands on an abusive relationship if it already isn't there!
For this Ryan person to bad mouth Brooks Ayers and question his character is beyond me. I hope Vicki is seeing the light and after viewing this disturbing footage takes her life back! Brianna, Ryan and baby need to leave off into the sunset and live their own lives.
I commend Vicki for attempting to show loyalty and care about what her family thinks but this incident plain and simply crossed many lines of normalcy.

nonmember avatar claire

I loved when he slipped up, "I own!...live here" Sweetie you own nothing. Lydia and her mother classy as always.

nonmember avatar Cami Johnson

Omg!! What a rude POS!!! I really hope Vicki kicks his ass out and Brianna kicks him to the curb.

nonmember avatar Ocbmwchick

Ryan is fucking bitch , seriously a piece shit

End of story !

nonmember avatar sparkhill

I bet he gets his ass kicked in a bar for treating that sweet elderly woman that way. I hope we hear about it.

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