Katy Perry's Ex Russell Brand Needs to Shut Up About Their Sex Life


katy perry russell brandKaty Perry has said that when she was still with ex-husband Russell Brand, she sat in the audience of one of his comedy shows to surprise him and found out he was resorting to bashing her as a punchline. Nice, huh? And it sounds like he's still doing it, even though the two split a year and a half ago!

During a gig in London, Russell reportedly said, "When you're a monk, you're not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you're married, it's one person. That's one more than a monk. It's not that different." He went on to say that as a result of feeling close to celibate, he'd often find himself fantasizing about other women. "I'd be having sex thinking, 'Think of anyone, anyone else.'" Ugghghh! WHAT a jerk!

Who says something like that?! I seriously feel like he's all worried his bad boy image has somehow been irrefutably damaged by his brief marriage to an American pop star. He feels like he has to PROVE he's still edgy by trashing her. But saying something like that just comes off as insecure, desperate, and mean.

Sure, some couples are actually cool with telling one another that they're fantasizing about someone else. Plenty of happily married women owned up to being all about Christian Grey in their heads in just the past year. But there's doing that in a fun, sexy way that's respectful of your partner ... and then there's doing it in a hurtful way, in which you're using your fantasies as an emotional weapon against your partner.

And trashing sex with your ex publicly after a divorce? So vile. ANYONE who resorts to airing dirty laundry like that about your past is the opposite of a class act! Because, really, after a relationship has run its course, no one really wants to know how terrible or pathetic or difficult your sex life was. And even though the relationship is over, some things should remain sacred and private between you and your spouse. Maybe -- in a case like this -- even in your own damn head so as not to inflict even more pain on the other person! Eesh

How do you feel about Russell's remarks about Katy? Do you feel like there's ever a good excuse for talking trash about your ex like this?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

If he said it in an interview or something, I'd put more weight on his words. But he didn't. He said it during a comedy routine. It's probably a joke. I'm not saying he's a good guy or anything (although after the divorce, I have read interviews where he has had very kind things to say about her), but it's a stretch to say he's so insecure and bash him. He tells jokes for a living. That's all this is.

Elaine Cox

she picked him...she knew what he was....and as far as people shutting up bout their sex lives...everyone should!!

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

That's how stand up works. Get over it.

nonmember avatar northstar

This comment hit a nerve...and it will not just go away....It was pointless and not funny in the least. It was cruel and mean spirited. I don't like this man at all. In my opinion he is trash. He says when you're a monk you aren't allowed to have sex, but he doesn't understand marriage or monk-hood if he believes that....it's a choice to remain monogamous or celibate...no one forces it upon you...you do it out of love...this person has no clue what love is or means...he is a mental midget, narcissist and is going to be a bitter lonely old man if he keeps this shit up...who in their right mind would ever want a relationship with him now...

CAP1015 CAP1015

Typical Bait and Switch article. His comedy routine is just that a "routine".  My god you bloggers will write anything to try to get "hits".  Do some research, fact checking, then, THEN write something.  You're actually way worse than him, you write this as if it is news, facts, when it's simply you trying to create interest.  This reminds me of the crap Kate Gosselin writes.  Shame on you.

nonmember avatar Laszlo

I dislike the guy, but that he was once married doesn't automatically mean he was referring to his ex-wife. EVEN if taken as such....why don't we get outraged every time Taylor Swift writes yet another song about YET ANOTHER ex? Girl has more mileage that the US1! LOL

Fact is, all creative people use their personal experiences in their work, it's the way life works.

Would you be bashing T Swift for every mean song she has written about her litany of men?

nonmember avatar mark

sounds like you are just doing some male bashing.. he's a comedian and an artist. She chose him knowing full well what she was getting into..plus, sex with just one woman does suck!! lol

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