Teresa Giudice Posts Smiley Beach Photo ... Because What Fraud Charges?!!

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giudice beach dayOh, well look who's been enjoying some fun in the sun despite 39 counts of fraud that could send them behind bars for 50 years? Our favorite Real Housewives of New Jersey lady-in-bankruptcy Teresa Giudice posted photos of beachy fun this weekend, like she and Joe haven't a care in the world. Look at this frolicsome pair! Dashing about in the surf, smiling/scowling/squinting as only they can. You'd never think they were on the hook for alleged conspiracy to defraud investors, illegally obtaining mortgages, hiding assets -- should I go on, or is that enough?

You may say, OH WHAT, are they supposed to just stay at home (er, well, at one of their homes) with the drapes drawn, wearing sackcloth and eating little torn-up pieces of cardboard for dinner? Is that what they're supposed to do?!?

YES. Yes! That is exactly what they should be doing right now. All of it. The drapes, the sackcloth, the little pieces of cardboard for dinner. That should be what's going on at Chez Giudice right now.

Oh all right. No, that's not what I'm saying.

I just think ... maybe if you're facing these charges, a little discretion is in order. Go ahead and enjoy a day at the beach (because who knows how many more of those you'll get after you-know-what). Just don't gleefully post the photos on the Internet. It kind of makes you look a wee bit overconfident about proving your innocence.

But silly me. Look who I'm talking about -- Teresa and Joe, discretion? Those names and that word shouldn't even be in the same paragraph together. Publishing this post might actually break the Internet, that's so ridiculous. The last thing Teresa and Joe are going to be is discreet. They may be going to hell in a hand basket, but they will go partying all the way.

So you know what? Forget everything else I just said. The Giudices should post all the beach photos they want. Go 'head and be their bad selves. Add some fruity, slushy tropical drinks while they're at it. If anything, I think the government is more likely to believe they have something to hide if they suddenly started behaving themselves.

Do you think Teresa should be posting beach photos at a time like this?


Image via teresagiudice/Instagram

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bills... billsfan1104

Lmao at Adriana. Such a bitter person.

Cooks... Cookster792

They can do this because they know that nothing is going to happen to them. They will make a deal.

Makes me sick to my stomach and I am of Italian descent.  If it was me I'd already be behind bars.

Mary Ann Rappa

what do you expect from an idiot who walks around with blinders on.  I hope they throw the book at them.

Barbara Palaith-Newson

I just don't know what qualifies the author here to say what these 2 should be doing on their weekend.  For now, they're free to do as they please.  With the exception of leaving the country.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

What are they supposed to do, curl up and die? They have four small children to think about and can't be acting depressed and scared, lest they depress and scare the children.  This is the land of the free and they are still able to go to the beach and post pictures if they want to....

jalaz77 jalaz77

Exactly Mary Ann! I used to watch that show and I KNEW then there was something off financially with those two. Does anyone remember their house?? Sorry but they were crooks then. Hey the beach is free so good for them for living within their means now! Haha! What are their spoiled brat girls gonna do?

Barbara Bailey Richardson

She is the Queen of Faking It ... why is this picture a big shock?? Her Husband is a smug,cheating criminal, her children are total disrespectful brats in dire need of discipline, she doesn't seem to have one genuine friendship and She has sold her soul to the devil via tabloids how many times? Yet the same smile is still plastered.

Now I have read that she thinks she will avoid jail time because her husband will take fall for the both of them...I'm not so sure about that one, she is the one that has brought in most of the earnings that have been fudged about, she will be lucky if they don't just deport him and throw her in jail.

This is the one time that all of the media attention may bring positive results as far a justice being handed out...lets face it, she didn't merely kill someone, she stole from the government...a much more "jailable" offense it seems these days!!blank stare

Sandi Kinley Larocque

What r they supposed to do go home shribble and die What's done is done, they can't turn back now, all they can do is enjoy their time now ,just in case something happens,,,which prob won't ,but we'll see, anyway I'm sure she stresses when shes home alone, we all have some feelings some of us just don't show them to others.


nonmember avatar Catheryn

Teresa, Joe: You Are Not Above The Law! Is this jaquelines fault too? Lol

nonmember avatar sandy

Well said, Author Adriana! The Guidices have become the most frustrating, annoying couple to watch: Joe has been a piece of work all along, and Theresa has burrowed deeper and deeper into a hole lined thickly with denial. I have an uncle who has lived a life so fully steeped in denial, he now literally, truly believes in the tales he tells himself and others. Theresa may be fully aware of Joe's alleged crimes (which seem highly probable), yet she may have overwhelmed that awareness with her need to believe that everything is fine. I am sure that the "feds" have seen this many times, and I do not doubt that the Guidices will be punished accordingly. That said, I do hope that the four (!) little girls can break the pattern of their parents' lies and money-worshipping.

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