'50 Shades of Grey' Casting Call for Christian & Anastasia Is ON!

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couple kissing shadowsWhooo! We are ONE STEP closer to finding out who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in next summer's Fifty Shades of Grey movie!!! Universal Pictures is announcing that they're seeking male and female actors for the lead roles, according to The Inquistr. The casting director has reportedly reviewed submissions sent by agents and have now put out a casting call to the general public, with hopes of finding the perfect Christian and Ana.

Innnnteresting and oh so exciting! But it also raises more questions than it answers. Like does this mean that some of the "usual suspects" are definitely out? And what about the other gossip floating around that E.L. James may have recently met with a top contender to play Christian?

Apparently, the author recently left LA following an extended stay there. Sources claim the trip could have been connected to casting. And others are taking it one step further by saying that Erika was actually talking to actor (and one fan favorite for the part) Jessie Pavelka during her stay, because he's already been awarded the coveted part!

The two did tweet to one another on July 30. "At LAX... looking forward to going home and seeing @noghar," E.L. James wrote on her Twitter account, while Pavelka tweeted, "Leaving LA. A productive and fun trip. I shall see you again soon." Soon? Oh really?

Still, it sounds like nothing's in the bag as of right now. Not even the release date, which was initially reported as August 1, but has also been referred to as August 5 and August 24! And honestly, if they don't cast this thing ASAP, I wouldn't get my hopes up for any of the above!

What do you make of this casting news? Do you think Jessie Pavelka could/should be Christian? 


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nonmember avatar maggie

while i can certainly see (and appreciate) him as CG, it could very well be that he's been offered the role of Elliot...if the open casting call is accurate - but then, the rumors are so rampant who knows if this isn't just all one giant fantasy...hmmm

peach... peachpies

This casting call doesn't sound legit AT ALL. Did you read it? It's not requiring any acting experience! What? They didn't even put physical qualities unique to the characters, no submissions were accepted and it's been closed too. There is NO reason a big studio like Universal would have to resort to the general public and require no acting experience to fill these 2 roles. They have a huge pool already to work with. It's all just very fishy and odd. Universal nor anyone on team 50 even mentioned the open casting. Also, it's way too late in the game for them to have out this out there, especially with a fall filming date. From what I've read I'm not the only one who thinks this isn't legit. And seriously, how many times have articles say "sources confirmed" and it all ended up being false? Too many times for this to be taken seriously, especially since the "source" wasn't named.

Laure... Lauren0983

I don't think this casting call is real. None of it adds up when you look at the grand scheme, and it wasn't even open for submissions. The requirements, or lack there of, were unprofessional as well. So many rumors have been surfacing for too long, and this is very likely just another given several obvious factors. @Peachpies makes good points. As far as Jessie, he is a much better fit for Elliot than Christian.

Saraden White

Ooh boy, two people from Hollywood are flying in or out of LA!! That means they're doing a movie together, or having an affair!! Undoubtedly! 

She was most likely telling Los Angeles she'd see it soon.

nonmember avatar Tracie

We already know Ian is perfect for the role. Why look any further

Olivia Simmons Lukert

I have to agree with Tracie ^ on this one Ian Sonerhalder is the only Christian Grey !!!

nonmember avatar CCWinther

For me there is no other Christian Grey than Josh Halloway (just see "Lost" season 1 episode 8 and you will see what im talking about) He has the exact fysical resemblance as mr. Gray tall, muscular, messy bronze hair and you just cant help feeling VERY attracted to him. even when he is a total asshole your grandmother would probably marry him. He intergrates both good and bad very well into one role.
I doubth he would do it though.
I just think he would be amazing and very convincing.

Tori Sherrod

That is a man I could fantasize about all day long. I guess he is a good back up to Somerhalder.... If there has to be one...

Maryann Vazquez

WTF???? What are they thinking. This is absurd. IAN.

Nelia Hattingh

Ian should get the part because it is just perfect for him (he looks the part and has the little boy heart that needs to be shown how to love and just the right amount of arrogance to top the scales completely) but if he doesn't Jessie Pavelka will do in the looks department

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