Ian Somerhalder Kisses ‘Fans’ & Flexes Muscles in Attempt to Show He’s Not Giving Up on Christian Grey (PHOTOS)


Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder is at it again: posting sexy photos and writing cryptic posts that don’t flat-out scream, “I’m the perfect Christian Grey!!” but certainly strongly hint at it. Take the latest batch, for instance -- which are, um, intriguing to say the least.

This first photo shows how he's thanking his fans, proving in a slightly passive aggressive way how insanely popular he is. Is he trying to show how much of a fan base he has to campaign for the Christian Grey role? Deflect the rumors that he’s out of the running and all this work he’s done has been for naught? Show once and for all that he’s WAY over Nina Dobrev? Or is he just trying to show off how plump and gorgeous his lips are (at first I thought he was wearing pink lipstick)? Such haunting questions to keep Fifty Shades fans up at night ...

And here's the other photo he recently snapped:

Ian Somerhalder

Whoa, right? He captioned this one with: "Another boys night-uh oh... Having longggg discussions with my cosmic brother Miles about massive change in our world. Fighting for change!"

Such a strange photo, don't you think? But if those are indeed Ian's arms, um, hello biceps! He's definitely got the whole hot body thing down if he's really hoping to be cast as Christian Grey. Because I could stare at those things all damn day.

Anyway, perhaps this is his way of showing all of us that he really doesn't care about the Fifty Shades casting rumors. He's out there doing his own thing and enjoys posting these photos on Instagram for all of us to drool over. But I don't think any Team Ian fans will rest until an official announcement is made.

Honestly, though it's driving the rest of us crazy, these photos show he isn't all that bothered. He's obviously got almost four million followers, has been enjoying single life with his boys, and makes us write entire posts on two innocuous photographs. What can't this man do?

Needless to say, if they don't cast Ian, who seems to be loving life and his millions of fans at the moment, they better find a complete unknown who is equally hot. I for one can't wait for the reaction when word about who is finally cast gets out. The Internet will be so much fun that day. But, seriously, it better be soon before we all implode from Fifty Shades casting rumors overload.

What do you think of Ian's latest Instagram posts? Can you read into them any further than we have (don't think that's really possible?)?


Images via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Dana

Pathetic article. Everything Ian does is not about trying to get the Christian Grey roll, for God's sake. Geez, a tweet really can be just a tweet. You people are the one's obsessed with it, not Ian.

nonmember avatar Isha

Shut the hell up about this BS whoever Christian Grey is & linking Ian's name with that filth..Ian loves his fans...he always sends them love anyway he can..This picture or his twitter doesn't have anything to do with fifty shades of bullshit..Get that and shut up or I hope someone sues you for nasty articles like this..Go shove your fifty shades BS elsewhere!

nonmember avatar Arielle

I agree with both of you,Dana and Isha. Ian loves his fans and that is what his tweets are about,not that 50 Shades of Gray movie. If they don't cast Ian as Christian Gray,the producers and directors and the writer are the losers,not Ian!

nonmember avatar van

This is already very, very, very annoying. Shit!
Is it possible for you to mention this movie 50 shades of gray without mentioning Ian?
Ian will not be released to Christian Gray. Point just to play! What's wrong with you? Forget Ian. I'm sure he is not the least bit worried about it.
He always interacts with the fans, he always sends messages, has nothing to do with this film.
I would love to see the name of Ian off of all this.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Ian is better off not playing Christian Grey. There are way better (and hotter) opportunities out there.

nonmember avatar Isha

Don't ever mention "Filthy Shades Of Grey" on the same page that you mention Ian Somerhalder (in case you didn't know,he is an angel)..Thank you

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