Lauren Silverman's Past Doesn't Make Her a Homewrecker or Simon Cowell an Innocent Victim

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Lauren SilvermanSo, have you heard about the craziness with Simon Cowell and how he's having a love child with socialite Lauren Silverman? That's not really the crazy part, of course. The reason this particular zygote has been dominating tabloid headlines is because Silverman is married -- to Cowell's friend, Andrew Silverman.

Er, his ex friend, that is. I'm assuming they're no longer BFFs, now that Cowell's been named in Andrew Silverman's divorce filings as a co-respondent, and Andrew's own brother was quoted as saying, "It is an unbelievable story of betrayal." But as the drama continues to swirl with ugly rumors of adultery, estrangement, and birth control trickery, one of the involved parties is getting a SERIOUSLY unfair amount of slut-shaming heat in this whole mess.

I'm talking about the babymama in question, Lauren Silverman. It's been revealed that when she was 16 and attending a private school in Florida, she had an affair with a married English teacher. The man was 26 at the time, and according to former classmates, the relationship went on for about a month and a half before Lauren's mother mother figured out what was going on. The teacher was asked to resign, and Lauren transferred to a different school.

Now, normally when you read about teachers engaged in illegal relationships with their minor students, the story isn't presented in a manner intended to make the underage teenager sound like a conniving whore. But in this case, we've got headlines like "PREGNANT LAUREN SILVERMAN'S VERY RACY PAST," and "LAUREN SILVERMAN'S HOMEWRECKING SEX SCANDAL!"

Even the father of the teacher has whined to the Daily Mail,

He had to leave town because of this bimbo.

Awww, did the poor 26-year-old man have to leave town because he was caught committing a CRIME? Let me just go ahead and quote from Florida's law regarding the age of consent:

A person 24 years of age or older who engages in sexual activity with a person 16 or 17 years of age commits a felony of the second degree.

This teacher should be counting his lucky stars he didn't go straight to JAIL for his relationship with Lauren Silverman. Being underage means that she couldn't legally give consent, full stop. It's beyond disgusting to cite this long-ago incident as proof Silverman is some sort of homewrecking scandal-monster.

Silverman's decision to hook up with Simon Cowell while she was still married certainly seems like bad decision-making to ME, but god knows this sort of thing happens all the time. It's almost like the media's looking for proof she's some sort of sex-crazy siren that trapped poor helpless Simon into his current situation. What about HIS involvement? What about HIS responsibility to use birth control? Why aren't HIS past morals being questioned in the same way Silverman's are? And by the way, wasn't HE the guy who was sleeping with a MARRIED WOMAN?

Do you think it's fair Silverman's past high school incident has been brought up recently?

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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Once again, Linda, you're the voice of reason of this website. I was horrified to read the other article on this site, slut shaming this woman and calling her a mistress at 16 rather than what she was : the victim of statutory rape. I completely agree with you 100%. 

Elaine Cox

wtf!!..the stir now having a problem with satutory rape while excusing it in several other cases is surpassed only by the "slut shaming" outrage while on this very website we have seen upwards of 5 or 6 stories blasting cowell for this including one asking if it was ok if we judge him now while we have seen only two come anything close to being about her..and trying to compare him sleeping with a married woman to the married woman herself is lame indeed..the husband wasnt married to simon but to dear your own website before you go off on your usual "poor woman" routine

Linda Sharps

Elaine, something you should realize about The Stir is that every writer has her or his personal opinions. Not that that means you can't disagree with us individually, of course! Just clarifying that we don't have a unified message on ANY given topic.  -- Linda

nonmember avatar Ashley A. Dyer

Give me a break...she was not a victim. She was 16! Liberal victimization at its best....and as usual the status quo on the stir...Pathetic. Simon is a dirtbag..but do not try to make this "lady" any less disgusting than she is.

nonmember avatar dz

As usual Americans commenting while living in a world of their own. So what if she was 16? In UK and most other countries having sex with a 16 year old is not a crime. They know what they are doing at that age. So yes, she was responsible for her decisions at that age and it doesn't seem like she has changed much in the intervening years.

nonmember avatar Alexsmommy08

@dz....while I agree in theory with what you claim, I lived in the UK for over ten years and please do not hold up your country as the model for how citizens should be governed. You have a hell of a lot of screw ups all your own.
That being said this site will only vilify a minor if they have the last name Palin. In most states 16 is considered underage. That's for the safety of teens who believe they have the maturity of an adult but are still being ruled by hormones. This Lauren woman is a scum regardless.

Nelli... NellieAthome

Whatever she may or may not have done (or had done to her) when she was 16 is beside the point now. Cowell is not responsible for the fact she decide to cheat on her husband and trap Cowell by getting pregnant - overall she sounds like a conniving piece of work

Todd Vrancic

Did Mr. Cowell perhaps forget what condoms are used for?

nonmember avatar Holly

@Todd- did Ms. Silverman forget what "foresaking all others means?"

nonmember avatar Janice LeMilin

I'm an old Jewish woman and I think the bunch of you are ridiculous. All these people are Jewish including their lawyers. The entire Cowell family and Lauren Silvermans family are thrilled and happy over the baby news. Simon Cowell is estatic. Simon wanted Lauren all along and she wasn't available then...he saw his chance and took it. He has achieved what he wanted and I guarantee he will marry her. He has already started completely changing his lifestyle to set up a family environment rather than a bachelor one.All those hanger on women will be immediate history. He wanted her for the long term...he got her...end of story. He loves her so he naysayers need to get over it.

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