Kristen Stewart Gets Major 'Mean Girls' Diss From Lindsay Lohan -- Who Is She to Talk?

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kristen stewartOkay, Lindsay Lohan. We get it. You've been to hell and back at least half a dozen times, which means you've earned your crown as the most cynical woman in Hollywood. But come on, picking on Kristen Stewart? Stepping directly from rehab to a guest-hosting gig on Chelsea Lately, LiLo threw some serious shade on KStew -- even though she claims she's a fan.

First she brought up Kristen's recent dustup with a photographer. "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart, you know, finally showed some emotion." Oh ha ha, she went there. That joke is so stale, I made it months ago. But come on, KStew has been through a lot since then. She just got dumped by her boyfriend. I thought we all loved it when she attacked the paparazzi.

Lindsay backtracked a little and gave us the "no really I love her I'm such a fan" line, which is actually what comedians say to set up the next roasting: "I will say this, of course she hates photographers -- they got a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper." Aw, you had to bring that up again! (Although nice touch there, mentioning the Mini Cooper as there's just something especially comical about that car. Oh wait -- whose side am I on, anyway?)

I don't know, does it make anyone else cringe to see Lindsay knocking other stars when they're already down? It almost seems too easy. I know it's been a rough year for Lindsay, too, and who can blame her for cracking a few insults. But still ... aren't there some bigger fish Lindsay could go after? Maybe not. Maybe she doesn't feel like she can afford to make fun of anyone too powerful at the moment. Well anyway, I'm sure the KStew haters will eat it all up.

Ooh, know what would be so tedious? A LiLo/KStew feud. Sing with me! Wanna be starting something, wanna be starting something.

Who else would you like to see Lindsay Lohan make fun of?


kristen stewart


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nonmember avatar Sabrina

Eh, that's the whole point of Chelsea Lately, though. Lindsay was doing her guest hosting job.


That's where I was going Sabrina!

Cookie Pacheco

Lindsey should not be dissing anyone. She lives in a glass house. Also, she is a lousy performer, so, she needs to keep that judgement to herself.

nonmember avatar J

Wow, those jokes were probably scripted FOR her, not even her own. If you want to say it's in poor taste, talk to the show's writers. Geez.

nonmember avatar sandy

Well, let's see: If... oops, i mean "When" Lindsay finds herself back in court (because of course she will be "unfairly" targeted and 'mistakenly" arrested again), how about if she blatantly insults the judge (whom she can then say that she "respects")? At least then, she would have to be jailed for contempt of court. (Oh, wait: overcrowding is an issue, right?) For heaven's sake, how long has she been out of rehab? I sure hope that her vile approach to people and life is addressed in her next court-mandated therapy session. (Because of course Lindsay is honest and forthcoming with her shrink, yes?) Good lord: When is that girl going to shut up, grow up, and live up to the respect and career she continually professes to "deserve?"

nonmember avatar josh

lol! if she will steal again, i think Oprah will go and visit her hahaha! oh yeah, if she refused to read the script on air and said something that shes against bullying, then i think she should have gotten back at least half of what she had lost in terms of integrity... You Lohan is a pest that needed to be jailed!

Wileen Byroads

Lindey  Lohan is a big time looser!  She should mind her own useless business!liar

Heaven Lozada

Lindsey you just need to stay quiet because who are you to talk about anyone look at where you are okay so Kstew made her mistakes but she's going through a lot as well if you have nothing nice to stay then how about you bite your tongue because you are no innocent person at all. I use to be a fan of yours but honestly you lost a fan and Kstew i'm still a fan no i'm not saying I agree with what you did but everyone makes mistakes at least your learning from them but Lindsey you just don't seem to learn from yours.

Ileana Eva

Who what she says or think if she think all that dope and alcohol has left her with no brain cells, she can not blame anyone on her addictions look at yourself in the mirror and see a 40 year old looser. Leave Kristen alone she is out your category and a hard working woman, not making trips back to rehab.

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