‘Bachelorette’ Finale Part 2 Recap: Desiree’s Emotional Ending Is Not What We Expected

Who does Desiree pick?Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the season finale of The Bachelorette totally blew my mind. I laughed, I cried, and I was 100 percent completely shocked by the ending. Between all of the rumors and spoilers over the past two months, I think I speak for everyone when I say this finale was totally unexpected.

We all know that Desiree Hartsock was searching for someone to love her just as much as she loved them -- and we all cringed last week when front-runner Brooks Forester left her in tears. Des openly admitted that Brooks leaving threw everything off.

And she was right. SPOILERS AHEAD!

I did not expect Des to continue on this journey with the remaining two guys -- I thought for sure the tears she cried over Brooks was a clear sign that she was done with this whole process. That is, until she admitted that she's not broken, her soul's not broken, even though her heart may be. So she proceeded with the final dates ... but it was clear whom she lacked chemistry with.

It was incredibly awkward to watch Drew make a toast to Desiree, declaring he's madly in love with her, even though we all knew she was about to break his heart in the same way Brooks broke hers. She cut the date short, sat him down on the beach, and sent Drew home. It was an emotional, heartfelt goodbye filled with tears, but it was clearly the right thing to do.

But then there was the final date with Chris, when we got to see a completely different side of Des. She was happy, blissful, and so completely in love. The chemistry between them was electric -- it was like she had an epiphany. Now with Brooks out of the picture, she finally realized Chris was the one all along. He was the one who never gave up on her. And the best part was, he had absolutely no idea that he was the only man still standing.

There were several moments where Des cried -- but this time, they were happy tears. She was so overwhelmed by how lucky she felt to be so loved. She even expressed guilt over falling for Brooks before Chris. How could I not have loved him from the beginning?

On their final day in Antigua, Chris got down on one knee with a sparkly Neil Lane diamond and asked for Desiree's hand in marriage -- but not before she picked him back up to explain the heartache she's been feeling. She wanted to lay everything out on the table for him so there were no secrets. I thought this was going to ruin the moment, but shockingly, it made it even better. They hugged and kissed, shared a few "I love you"s. And once again, Chris got down on one knee.

Of course, Desiree accepted Chris' proposal and she cried quite a few more of those happy tears. I'm so glad Des got the happy ending she was searching so desperately for, even if it took quite a few bumps in the road to get there.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Were you completely shocked that Desiree ends up with Chris?


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Roberta Howard

Yes the ending was shocking.. I think Des is FAKE.. She still loved Brooks but settled for Chris. She is playing Chris and that is SAD>...Brooks truly did not want her but she still loved him.  She used Drew then sent him home.. He handled it well.. And asked good questions but she had few straight answers.. I know she will break Chris's heart in the end... Worst Bacheorette EVER>..

Faith Bremmer

no   i  knew   one of them  would   win her  heart    just didnt know which one till now

Kim Hughes Ketusky

I was shocked, because I just knew Brooks would realize his mistake and come back for her. But Chris was the one I thought was her best match all along!

Terry Lynn Taylor

i thought Brooks would come back. they sure teased us about it enough, but Chris is prob a better match for her. HEs strong, and mature, and ready for a Family.

Antje Bahr

I think chris is the best for her.

He is reality and a man.

I wish the couple much luck from Germany

Rosa Blaze

good choice Des....Chris is the right man for you....Congrats to you both...

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Yeah that isn't going to last. Dizzy Des is playin Chris for a fool and he doesn't even know it which amazes me, Her reaction to Brooks leaving should have been a light to Chris and Drew should have backed away from that whole thing watching cry over Brooks departure.

nonmember avatar sandy

Hmmm: I am more concerned than shocked. While it is a relief to see Desiree bounce back from the Brooks debaucle, I am wary of her professed certainty about Chris. As for Chris: If I witnessed my potential spouse fall apart after choosing and being horribly dumped by another, I am not sure I would feel secure if the "dumpee" then proposed to me! I can only hope that Desiree truly made a mistake with Brooks, and that her heart wanted Chris all along. Cheers to hoping for the best!

Debbie McClelland

Chris is adorable and he is the one I had hoped she'd pick, or else I wanted him. Let's hope the relationship stays as romantic as it was on the show. Chris is a charm.

Heidi Adele Macfarlan Johnson

I think it's real.  Sometimes you do believe in something that's NOT real, only to find the real McCoy when the decks are cleared.  I think that's what happened here.  I myself THOUGHT I was in love with someone until I realized the perfect person for the long haul was literally right under my nose.

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