Lea Michele Bravely Moves Forward by Co-Creating the Cory Monteith 'Glee' Tribute

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lea michele cory monteith gleeThe wheels are officially turning on the Glee tribute episode for Cory Monteith, which we've heard for a while now is planned to be the third episode of the upcoming, fifth season. We're hearing whisperings that Ryan Murphy & co. are discussing the best approach, and what's more, Lea Michele is co-creating the emotional episode.

An insider shares, "The producers are still going back and forth on what they want to do and clearing music for his tribute. The meetings are lengthy, and Lea is a part of them to make sure everything is just right." 

Wow ...

We knew she was talented, and we knew she was brave to stand by Cory's side as he battled his demons in rehab, but this only goes to show that she's so strong. It's beyond admirable that she's clearly been able to pull herself up by the bootstraps to do this. I can't even imagine just how difficult and challenging it must be for everyone, but especially for Lea.

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Still, as a fellow perfectionist Virgo, I'm not surprised. I'd bet she feels it's almost an obligation to be involved in these talks and the planning. She wants to ensure that the memorial for her beloved late boyfriend is spot-on. But of course that's going to mean having to face heavy emotions throughout the process. The source tells HollywoodLife.com:

When they start filming the PSAs and the third episode, that is going to be a mess. After they film that episode they are going to go on a break to recharge. ... It’s still touch and go for all involved. Tears can and will happen at anytime.

Aww, ugh, our hearts are still breaking for Lea and everyone in the cast and crew. But it sounds like everyone is doing as well as can be expected ... And given Lea's involvement, we can expect a moving, touching tribute that remembers Cory in the best possible way.

What are your thoughts on Lea taking the reins on Cory's tribute?


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Tina Goff

I feel better knowing that she's involved with this.  Glee has never been good with it's 'very special episodes'.  More often than not they end up making things very offensive, or just mishandling the entire situation.  (school shooting and molestation episodes...)  Knowing Lea is involved makes this so much better.  I don't think she would let them turn this into a circus.  

nonmember avatar Kristina

I personally think it's the best idea for her to be involved in the planning of this tribute episode. One thing we all know, the emotions will be strong.. There will not be a dry eye watching that episode

nonmember avatar emmacw22

i think glee dose a well job of hitting controversial issues. Life isnt rainbow and unicorns. Very happy that they are touching a subject that deserves so much attention. So sad about Cory monteith He seemed to be a wonderful person and actor. He will be missed.

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