'DWTS' Has Some Sexy & Downright Explosive Surprises Planned for Season 17

DWTSLast season of Dancing With the Stars was the first one (since season 6) in which the forever hot and sexy Russian Maksim Chmerkovskiy wasn't paired with a star. And it showed. I know I am not the only fan who pined for him pretty severely all season. Now, ABC execs are hinting at a return of Maks for season 17 and I say: BRING IT!!

Truly, the show was just not the same without the Chmerkovskiy fireworks, and his brother Val is just not cutting it. Besides, Maks is rumored to be dating model Kate Upton, who is currently the hottest thing around town. I am sure she would bring the viewers if she happened to visit.

Maks isn't the only pro rumored to be making a return to the dance floor, either. It looks like Derek Hough will also be making a return. Thank goodness.

When asked, Hough apparently said he would be coming back and that the format was changing. Now the show will only be one time a week, which, honestly, is probably the most exciting change of all. Other rumors include:

  • Cheryl Burke IS returning: Some were suggesting she may be bored, but Burke ended that when she said (more or less) that if the show would have her, she's on board.
  • Len will be returning: There has been some back and forth talk about whether Len Goodman is returning as judge, but it sounds like he will be and it also sounds like maybe there will be a fourth judge as well.
  • Premiere date: The show WILL premiere on September 16 and will only be once a week now. It's not clear how that will work with voting, but I guess all will be revealed in time.
  • Mark Ballas may not be returning: Ballas has been a pretty consistent presence on the show since season 5, but it looks like he may not be returning for season 17. Or, at least, it's unclear. "The [cast] announcement is usually two days after we find out if we're on. That's how tight they keep it," he said.

So ... looks like season 17 is going to give us a big shakeup. And I say: GOOD. It's about time. Changing up the pros isn't my favorite change, but the once a week format is huge. I feel like it will draw in a lot more fans who might otherwise hate the idea of committing to three hours a week.

Do you think these changes sound good?


Image via ABC

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Carolyn Drever Cooledge

I SO hope Maks will return. I missed him last season. Yes he's tough on his partners but he's a pro & he wants them to learn the dances correctly. I'm looking forward to Derek returning as well. Now if only Julianne would come back....even just for this season. :)

Brenda Peterson

I agree about Maks and Julianne needing to be on the show but Please bring Mark back as well!!! I enjoy his dancing so much and it won't be the same without him! Also Derek and Cheryl being back is Awesome!!

nonmember avatar Taylor


nonmember avatar stewart

To me, maks and val make the show what it is. They are the best and the most entertaining. Val should have won last season. Hurry back maks!!!!

Norma Bergsted Luman

 I agree Love Maks, missed him last season, and Cheryl and Derek and Mark all make the show and need to be there. I've been watching the show since the first airing and  have always enjoyed watching Cheryl. and Maks..PLease come back....

Carol Kozlowski Bajor

It will be good to have the " oldies" back....Maks, Cheryl, Derek and maybe Mark will change his mind but he needs a break too.  Len, I'm getting fed up with since his outrageous outrages are becoming too frequent.  He's so rude!


Pattie Borelli

I want Maks and Cheryl...they are like the vets of the show..as for Derek who only came on season 4 ..I could care less...he is too annoying..hope he gets a 70 year old to dance with so he has to REally work for it..its been too easy for him...he gets women who have danced at some point and he needs to prove it with an old timer with 2 left feet as Maks and Cheryl have had to endure...come on its his turn already..

nonmember avatar Kit

I don't care for Maks, but I'm sorry to hear Mark might not return. Terrible trade off in my opinion.

nonmember avatar Journey

I really don't want Max back. I am so tired of his tantrum's and under the breath nasty remarks that last season was a breath of fresh air without him. I know the show needs controversy however, bringing Max back isn't the way to do it.

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