'True Blood' Recap: Eric Proves He Still Loves Sookie in Shocking Way! (VIDEO)


bill sookieTell the truth, Trubies: While season 6 of True Blood has definitely gotten a lot better, haven't you still kind of been feeling like something is ... missing?? Maybe you aren't quite sure what the missing thing even is -- but you're pretty sure there's something. Right? That's how I'd been feeling, until tonight ... because now I know exactly what's been missing: The Eric/Sookie/Bill love triangle!! Not that it ever totally went away -- or that it's really back -- but tonight was the closest we've come this season to revisiting the vamp/faerie/vamp threesome. And now that both Bill AND Eric are in berserk loose cannon mode, things could get super crazy super fast!!

Need proof that Compton and Northman are about to battle it out? Well, clearly Bill has spared Sookie this long for some reason, right? Even if he did sort of fake her out tonight by telling her she should consider Warlow's proposal. Speaking of which: Eric clearly wouldn't have tried to kill Warlow over said proposal if he didn't still care about Sookie!

Anyway. Lots (and I mean LOTS) of other stuff happened tonight, too, but none of it nearly as interesting -- not even Nicole's pregnancy (with Sam's child!). 

Check out this clip for the best quote of the evening (guess who?):

Pam!! Who else?! "Oozy but productive." Ewwwww ...

Do you think the Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle is back for real?


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nonmember avatar Wendi

Warlow isn't dead. Eric drank his blood so he could walk in the sun and screw Bill over because he didn't save Nora. It shows all of this is the previews for next week. It had nothing to do with Sookie.

nonmember avatar liliana

Double ^^This!

TerryAnn Nostrand

 I just am so GLAD I wasn't the only one saying Eric did this to Warlow for Sookie, that he had to know. Yes we only seen Sookie tell Bill about Warlow's ultimatum but Eric had to find out once in Warlow's presence.  I hope Bill was masking his idea about Sookie being turned but really I don't. Sook's right he is a monster!

nonmember avatar Connor

Yeah I don't think Eric attacked Warlow for Sookie either.

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