'Princesses: Long Island' Finale Recap: Ashlee Is the Queen of Planet Crazy

princesses long islandWell, it's official -- Ashlee has completely lost her mind. During the season finale of Princesses: Long Island, Ashlee showed her true colors, and let me tell you, they are not pretty. 

To be honest, when this whole Joey v. Ashlee feud started, I didn't know who was in the wrong. One day I would be team Joey, and the next day I'd be rooting for Ashlee. However, Ashlee has finally shown that she lives in her own fantasy world where she is never wrong and where everyone else is always looking to attack her. Yeah okay, Princess Ashlee, you keep on telling yourself that.

During the vineyard trip that all of the girls took (minus Casey), they all got into a big fight and Ashlee ran off into the distance because she couldn't handle it anymore. Next thing we knew, Ashlee was "missing." Turns out she hitchhiked her way to the hospital to get some Benadryl to cure what was probably a glorified panic attack. (I'm not saying that panic attacks aren't serious, just that Ashlee might have been overreacting to the situation.) Now she's attacking Joey, Amanda, and Erica for not coming to find her.

According to Ashlee, she could have ended up on the side of a milk carton. WTF? A milk carton, Ashlee? That is seriously one of the craziest things I've ever heard. Apparently she's proud that she wasn't kidnapped and that she's alive. SHE'S A 30-YEAR-OLD WOMANIf she was so worried about getting kidnapped, then she shouldn't have hitchhiked to the hospital. If it was an actual medical emergency, then why did she run away? Why didn't she get a car from the vineyard or call 911? Or better yet, why didn't she freakin' pick up her phone one of the thousands of times that Chanel called her?!

There were other, more reasonable, options that Ashlee could have taken, and instead she decided to be dramatic. I agree wholeheartedly with Amanda; Ashlee is a grown woman and she didn't need the girls to come and rescue her. If she was worried about her safety, then she shouldn't have run away from the group and put herself in a potentially dangerous situation

I think Amanda wrapped up Ashlee in a nutshell when she said, "What color is the sky on Planet Ashlee?" Amanda, thank you for finally saying what everyone else has been thinking: Ashlee is crazy. (Oh, and Amanda, mazel tov on your pre-engagement!)

Do you think that Ashlee overreacted?


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nonmember avatar Rose

This girl Ashlee is so dilusional!! She is the definition of a sociopath!!! Talk about not taking accountability for her Bullshit is hysterical. After watching the season I now know how one is raised...her parents obviously raised her to be so out of touch with reality.

Regardless of her health issues to be so self involved!!!

And this Casey chick, sister please! A true friend tells her friend when shes wrong. She wasnt even there had no idea what happened yet had an opinion, but she is just like the asshole everyone has. "If I hear that my best friend is upset...." Talk about High School I could have sworn this Byotch talked about not being around high school bullshit and hmmmm if that didnt sound high school I dont know what did.

Thank you Jesus for Amanda being a true friend and telling Ashlee to take accountability for her choices.

That funny looking Ashlee needs to be taken off the show. She makes me wanna stop watching!!! I can only take ao much of stupid.

Catie Morales

Ashley is a 30 year old baby! And what the hell is up with Casey and her attack on Amanda? I'm sorry, but both these girls prove they deserve each other.

nonmember avatar ChauChau's Mom

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks Ashlee is one of most spoiled, ridiculous people I've ever seen. Her temper tantrums and "Help me" phone call to her parents had me ready to toss my tv out a window. I watch all the housewives as well as Princesses and only Teresa is a bigger piece of work. If money and having loving parents turns you into her I'll keep my crappy parents and middle class, paycheck to paycheck life any day. At 30 years old she needs to be out of her parents house and gaining some perspective on what constitutes a serious problem. I hope that if she really had a health issue that kept her bed ridden for 8 months she stays healthy but also realizes that after watching her meltdown on tv that in general she has a great life and should appreciate it. Her parents love her and spoil her, her friends are willing to tolerate her and apparently she has excellent healthcare that allowed her to be able to recover from her illness without forcing her into bankruptcy.

Ashlee, if you read this, get some help. I'm sure you are a nice person with potential to be a great person but at the rate you're going you're going to lose all the people who care about you. Finding a good man to settle down and have a family with you, if that's what you want, is also going to elude you if you don't make some major changes to your personality.

Get over yourself!

nonmember avatar Sandra

Hitchhiked? We all know that production was filming her and following her and likely drove her to a hospital. Ashlee is the most immature, pompous, narcissistic troll-woman on reality tv.

Casey only met Ashlee a few weeks prior - how is Ashlee her 'best friend in the world'? Who is she to judge friendship loyalty when the best friendship she has ever managed is about 21 days long? She was horrid to Amanda.

Ebony Nicole Cavanaugh

Thank you that I am not the only one watching and shaking my head. Ashlee is so out of touch with reality that it makes me not even want to watch the show. I have no patience for people who can not take responsibility for there own actions. She put herself in a dangerous situation then blamed everyone else like they told her to go walk off. It's sad she couldn't even give a real apology! Her parents have created a monster and I hope she doesn't return I couldn't take it. She is just a nut no other way to describe her.

Gina McCarthy Weiss

I personally think 8 months ago she was not in a hospital for a stroke, that she was in some mental hospital following a breakdown.

Joe Cooper

The producers should be ashamed of themselves. Assuming that this all was not set up by the show, Ashlee has real problems and may even be a danger to herself. There as already been one suicide from a Real Housewives Show. All the girls are in la la land but Ashlee really needs help and to be off the show

nonmember avatar John Browne

Ashlee lives in a made up world created by her parents! This girl is the ugliest person I have seen in a long time both outside and in! No man in his right mind would want to be with a chick like this! She claims she wants to be a traditional wife staying home and treating her husband like a king, lol what a joke! This bit%^ can't cook and you know she can't fu%^ so how is she going to do that? A little advise men want two things a women that can cook like their mom and a wife that Fuc#% like a ho! If you get that going your man will not look anywhere else for anything!! Good luck bit%^*#,

nonmember avatar Alie C

Truer words were never spoken, Alexa! Between Ashlee's narcissism, Chanel's pretend cry baby drama, Casey's high horse views, Jeff's creepiness, Erika's sex fiend/ meth addict antics (which I am so confused on why anyone would touch this girl), Joey under-the-breath rude comments, and Amanda's drink hankies (beyond gross and stupid).... And we can't forget all the enabling delussional parents. This show has the mega ICK-factor. This is not entertainment, I'm disgusted that people like this exist.... And for the record, Ashlee... You are not "rich" you are upper middle class at best. Your entire family has bad genetics. You dish it out and you can't take it. You are a short, bitter, old hag... That thinks 5 grand is a big deal to spend on shoes. Nice strip mall party. Gross. Casey, is your father Golem from Lord of the Rings? I see the resemblance. Chanel stop crying, you look like a Salvador Dali painting. Erica go to rehab, get some laser treatments. Amanda, sweetheart, you can do better. Joey, be a big girl, you have gotten a lot more help then most. I suggest all of you get therapy.

nonmember avatar Mel

Please get that delusional, mean, ugly, crazy, lying witch off TV. She hitchhikes to the hospital to get Benadryl and cries that he might have ended up on a milk carton. No way that would have happened; no one would have cared enough to put her on one. Had a stroke? Don't think so; mental hospital much more likely.
Many of the women on RH shows are self-centered and a little crazy, but this one takes it way beyond that. Disgusting. Shame on her parents for creating this little jerk.

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