Lea Michele Attends Baby Shower & Looks Fabulous

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Lea stayed close to friends
Lea Michele, still coping with the very recent death of Cory Monteith, went this weekend to a friend's baby shower. Her friend, the famous Jamie-Lynn Sigler, is also getting over a recent, surprising, death of a loved one. James Gandolfini played her dad for a decade on The Sopranos and died suddenly of a heart attack back in June.

Getting through a time like this can be exceptionally hard -- but making sure you surround yourself with love, support, and people who understand, can make a big difference. Lea is clearly doing a great job of that!

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Lea's friends didn't leave her side at the baby shower, which was held at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. It is really amazing to see Lea, who looked fantastic, at a happy event. It is true that in times of crisis you learn who your actual friends are. And it seems as though Lea has great support.

Do you have any helpful advice for someone dealing with the loss of a loved one?

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Eliyau Glee

Leah surprises me with its strengths Aothumahl I appreciate her success next season on Glee

Mary Dinger-Ranta

God bless her.  No one should have to go through something like this at such a young age.  My best advice would be that she keeps the good memories close to her heart.  He will always be a part of her.  Sharing stories with nearest and dearest friends who also knew him, can be a great healer, and sometimes will bring on a good case of laughter.  I pray for her as she takes on yet another season of Glee, the show that made her and Cory stars and lovers.  She will rise above the grief, and be the stellar person that we all know and love.  My thoughts and prayers are with her, as she continues the grieving process.  It is good to see that she is getting out and about again though.  Hopefully the paparazzi will have the sense to keep their distance from her, as she continues through this difficult time in her life.

bills... billsfan1104

You know what is sad and heartbreaking??? When two kids ages 15 and 6 dies because of cancer, or an infection. No parent should ever go through that.

Enough with this shit. lea is not the first person that lost someone and won't be the last.

Remember he did this to HIMSELF. My friends that lost their precious children didn't. Cory could d stopped and he chose not too. He had all the help at his disposal and the money too.

nonmember avatar Nina

My helpful advice would be for the paparazzi to stop taking photos of her when she's just trying to go to her friend's baby shower... and to stop writing stupid articles like this. Everyone knows it sucks to lose a loved one. But it probably sucks a whole lot worse with strangers shouting at you and a dozen cameras in your face.

Stephanie Anne-Marie Mcdaniel

dude billsfan, u need to calm your shit, bc yes, ppl die everyday, no need to post on anything talkin about dead kids just bc they werent famous.

nonmember avatar Esther

People need to stop bad mouthing Cory and allow him to rest in peace, yes, we have all lost people near and dear to us but we don't plaster nasty messages about them.

I admire Lea's strength and cannot imagine myself being strong like her, I lost my mum some 10 yrs or more ago and I still cry over it occasionally but I don't condemn others.

bills... billsfan1104

Who is bad mouthing him?? It is a fact that he took drugs and overdosed. No more no less.

bills... billsfan1104

Esther, I am not saying people cannot mourn, but these bloggers who did not know him act like he was an angel and perfect and they cannot stop grieving. Let his family and girlfriend be alone and grieve together alone, this crap and taking pictures of her everytime she farts is getting annoying.

tuffy... tuffymama

Addiction is not an illness! He was selfish and DECIDED to do what he did. I was a selfish, drunk, pill-popping little bastard, and I quit because I sacked up and grew up, then actively sought help dealing with the bad feelings from my shit upbringing so I wouldn't take the cowardly way out of feeling. I am very sorry that Lea Michele, so very talented and beautiful, was involved with such a selfish and immature man, and I do hope she can heal completely from this so she doesn't make another bad choice in the future. Returning to the faith of her father's roots could do a whole lot to help guide her through this more effectively, and I hope she is doing that.

I feel so badly for the people who loved this man. Losing someone to addiction is SO exquisitely painful, and achingly pointless. When cancer or a car accident takes a loved one, you have a thing at which to rail in the middle of the night when the pain of losing a part of your heart overwhelms you. Being angry at the person you love who kills himself for something so pointless just cuts deeper.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

Billsfan-Do you enjoy being so hateful? It certainly seems so.

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