Lindsay Lohan Makes Powerful Decision That Can Change Her Life

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It looks like Lindsay Lohan may have finally gotten her act together. Or at least -- is ready to take the steps she needs in order to straighten out her life. It has been some roller-coaster of a ride. But coming off the announcement that she will have her own reality show, has completed rehab, and has filmed a guest stint on Chelsea Handler's late night talk show, Chelsea Lately (airing Monday) -- Lohan is really making us believe she is ready. But it is really her latest move that can possibly change her life ... 

Lindsay has made it known that wants to clear all alcohol from whatever space she is going to occupy. And that's not an easy task. Because alcohol is everywhere. But she's reportedly asked her mother, Dina, to remove alcohol from her home when she visits and plans to ask hotels and green rooms to do the same. In fact, this week she asked the Beverly Hills Hotel to take all alcohol out of her room prior to her arrival. So she is taking the right steps ... the question is will she be able to keep it up. Hopefully the fact she is traveling with a sober coach for the next week will help.

And clearly she doesn't need the drugs or alcohol to help her perform. Check out the sneak peak of her performance filling in for Chelsea by clicking on the link below. She is great!

Usmagazine - Lindsay Lohan Jokes About Harry Styles' Sex Life on Chelsea Lately

Do you think Lindsay is on the road to recovery for real this time?

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nonmember avatar kaerae

I wish her well, but she seems to surround herself with people who are terrible for her, and her parents are clearly incompetent users. Hopefully she's met some better quality people who will help her stay on track, but it seems unlikely. Would love to see her healthy and doing more films. Restraining orders against her sperm and egg donorS would be a good first step!

nonmember avatar Alexsmommy08

She has already had these enlightened moments before and has failed each and every time. Not holding my breath....she will not be a Drew Barrymore or a Robert Downey Jr simply because she has NEVER taken accountability for her actions. Always blamed her home life and others.

Sara Cunningham

Addiction sucks. It's good that she's trying. I'll hope for her.

Pixie030 Pixie030

I don't think this is an act to get people off her back so she can go back to what she had liked to do before.. party her ass off. I honestly believe someone finally got thru to her there.. and I hope she doesn't make me eat my words. I do wish her and these other troubled starlets right now all the best. I have overcome addiction in the past couple of years and been straight only because I wanted the change, getting out of rehab isn't a magical button that takes away all the bad from your life when you leave it. And I still have random people coming up to me asking me if I want to buy or try more pills. I took the step to make it a final decision in my brain and not just an option.

nonmember avatar Tara H.

@pixie...that's great to hear. I think the reason so many people doubt her sincerity is due to her repeated relapses. As Alexsmommy said, unlike you, she has never taken any responsibility for her actions. I have a brother who I have up on years ago. We came from an affluent and loving home. Out of the 6 kids each one of us went on to do something productive with our lives. My one brother found every excuse in the book to fail. Our lives were hell when he was around. He stole, even from my son who was two at the time (stole his piggy bank). We went to the best schools, our mom and dad were very big presences in our lives yet he chose the easy way out. We sent him to the best rehabs in the country. He ended up coming to our mothers funeral and making a scene. We cut off all ties to him. He ended his life last year and whilst its a shame and we wish it had worked out differently you can give people so many chances to change. If they don't do it you have to say goodbye. Lindsay strikes me as someone who is saying and doing what people want to hear but it won't last.
Regardless pixie....good luck to you.

tuffy... tuffymama

Good job, Pixie!

I hope this sticks. The thing is, if and when she has a slip up that is made public, nobody is going to let her forget it. Private people can privately fall off the wagon and then climb right back up on it, and go on successfully. It surely must be harder to just pick up where you left off and go on happily, in the limelight.

mlg1989 mlg1989

Oh yes cause a reality show is what she needs...please... that is just another self destruct button IMO. Money for being outrageous on TV.

Baile... Bailey8307

Here we go with the incredibly judgemental comments again. I admit I've judged her at times but I don't think it's right. I don't know her and neither do any of you. It typically takes an addict many stints in rehab to recover.. if they ever do. @Tara I'm sorry to hear about your brother but make no mistake that addiction is an illness and your brother's actions do not mean he doesn't love you and your son. The world is not black and white and good people can make terrible mistakes. Let's hope and pray for the best for her.

nonmember avatar Tara H

@bailey8307.. This is where I will differ with you. Addiction is not a disease and if you go to anything written by the New England journal of medicine they will give you detailed information at why this is a myth. Furthermore if you ever read anything by Joseph Sang a psychiatrist who spent 30 years studying the mechanism of the addict brain all they were able to deduce was that a person who could not quit lacked the will to do so. That is not a disease in even its most liberal definition. I nor anyone affected by addicts should be made to feel empathy for those who continually choose the easy way out. EVERYONE has hard choices to make in life so I will save my prayers for those who truly sacrifice or those like Pixie who actually acknowledge her culpability. Thanks for the the kind thoughts regardless.

nonmember avatar Tara H.

@bailey...I forgot a big reason why I do not believe this is a brother who was an addict was an IDENTICAL twin. Anyone will tell you that they share the EXACT chromosomal and DNA composition. Therefore if it was unavoidable as many diseases are...why would one be able to become to surgeon, raise a family and live an honorable life...while the other one failed at every avenue. That is a clear choice.

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