Simon Cowell's Baby Drama Will Have Lasting Effects on Innocent Little Boy

The drama continues to spin with Simon Cowell, a pregnant Lauren Silverman, and her husband, Andrew Silverman. Seriously, what a mess! Lauren is preggo with Simon's baby and Andrew is quite obviously infuriated and -- WAIT ... Can we stop the madness for a minute and remember that there is a 7-year-old boy in the middle of all of this? You see, Lauren and Andrew have a son. So while Simon is supposedly making all sorts of claims that his love child is going to want-for-nothing (and what -- should we applaud him for that? Is taking responsibility for your actions that big of a shock today?) -- there is another potential battle that will involve Simon's baby mama -- and this one could have lasting implications.

You see, apparently some think Andrew is going to try to get sole custody of their son. Claiming Lauren isn't a good mom ... since she is constantly off hanging with celebs, among other things. I am sure Andrew will come up with more than that -- and he will have high powered attorneys to help make his claim. I only hope that while he fights this public battle with Lauren, he doesn't put their son in the middle out of spite and anger.

This is the part of these public free-for-alls that just break my heart. Because while everyone  is trying to figure out what's going on, a little boy is about to have his entire world turned upside down. So Simon and Lauren can be giddy about their baby on the way but we shouldn't forget about the Silverman's son -- who may well be the center of a potentially heartbreaking custody battle.

Hopefully Lauren and Andrew will remember to be parents first -- and not let their son become a pawn in all of this.

Do you think Andrew should be awarded full custody of their son?


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nonmember avatar Tony

If the roles were reverse. Your question would have never been asked!

Tuan Bui

i wish have been there !!!

Sarah Ort

That's hard to say, seeing as how we know so little about the case. 

Personally, I believe that unless a parent is abusive, an addict or some kind of emotional manipulator, there is no reason ever, for there to be sole custody of a child.  Children need both of their parents, even if you don't like said parent.


"We should forget about the Silvermans son"? I don't think WE have a dog in this fight.Maybe THEY  shouldn't forget about their son.

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