Amanda Bynes' Condition Might Be More Serious Than Anyone Realized

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes' request to be released from a forced psychiatric hold has been denied. Doctors reportedly say Amanda is being treated for schizophrenia and they will have a formal diagnosis within the next few days. Troublingly, an insider told RadarOnline that reports that Amanda was responding well to medication were premature. Says the source:

Reports that said she was responding well to the psychiatric drugs that were being given to her are wrong. It can take months, or even years to get someone like Amanda to find the right drug combination and then get her therapeutic. The good news is that schizophrenia is treatable. It’s a very serious diagnosis, but Amanda can live a long and healthy life, as long as she takes her prescribed medications. She can function in society and still work.

I don't think anyone who witnessed even partially Amanda's long, slow and very public decline, which seemed to start innocently enough with a ticket for driving while talking with a cellphone in 2012, could doubt that something was very wrong with Amanda.

Amanda certainly wouldn't be the first celebrity to have a psychiatric illness come to light while still being famous -- but she's probably done it the most publicly thanks to Twitter, where she shared all of her often-nonsensical and insulting Drake and surgery-obsessed thoughts with millions. Her disturbing selfies on Instagram became so iconic that actress Ashley Benson imitated them, and then apologized when she realized how insensitive it was.

I think of someone like Gone with the Wind star Vivien Leigh, who had mental issues for years, but the public wasn't aware of it at all. That kind of privacy seems to be gone forever -- especially if the celebrity has a Twitter account.

I don't think anyone thought that it wouldn't be a matter of time before Amanda put herself or someone else in harm's way -- and that finally happened when she was caught starting a fire in a random woman's driveway. But that act was enough to get her some help.

It's actually difficult to keep a patient under forced hold for very long, so Amanda's condition must be serious. I admit there were times I didn't know if she was just acting out for attention. Celebrities tend to do so many strange things that her behavior was not THAT out of the norm. Until the fire.

I hope that she is able to stabilize her condition and re-enter society as a healthy young woman. I also hope she stays off Twitter. If she does get well, it will probably be disconcerting for her to read back over all of those tweets.

Did you think Amanda's condition was this serious?


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kelti... kelticmom

Yes I did. From the very beginning she was showing classic signs of schizophrenia, which anyone who has delt with or had a loved one who suffers from it could recognize. But all the media, including this site, had to immediately start bashing her and laughing at her, which did not help her at all. Even now people are calling her "crazy, schizo, insane "etc. Which does not help. If someone had cancer would you call them "sicky, Baldy, weakling ". I think not. The stigma of mental illness has to be dropped. It is a disease that is just as real, just as devastating, just as painful, and can be just as deadly as cancer. And there is no "cure". She will be on high powered mess for life.

kelti... kelticmom

*meds, not mess.

Katie Manzione

At least she can afford the treatment. This is not the case for too many mentally ill people.

nonmember avatar patg

I have a son with the same issue, so I started to follow this story a few months back (something I rarely do) and I cringed each time I read a new tweet or saw a new "Amanda spotting" that would open her up for more public ridicule. The way the public perceives mental health in our culture is very disconcerting indeed. What makes it worse is the lack of consensus regarding the adequacy of treatment, and the inconsistencies surrounding the availability of good treatment. Adults with Schizo-effective disorders are usually disconnected from family and society and therefore do not have the medical coverage or resources to obtain good, long term, reliable treatment. I pray for her and her family and am thankful that they do have the resources to get her what she needs. She will be fine and perhaps even a public advocate for those who need someone to speak out on their behalf. She has a great opportunity to turn this around into something positive.

nonmember avatar Eric

Near as I can figure, the 1st public indication of something serious happening to Amanda was her March 2010 departure from the set of Hall Pass due to "paranoid and fearful" behavior. Before Hall Pass, Amanda's reputation as an actress was consummate professional. It was her last job - Easy A, although released in September 2010, was filmed in 2009.

The 1st candid photo I'm aware of showing Amanda covering up in her now-signature awkward way (ie, holding up a shopping bag, scarf, shirt, puppy, etc, to her face) was taken on July 25, 2010 as she was leaving the premiere of Flipped at the Arc Light Theater in LA. Before then, Amanda had been ignoring-to-accommodating with paparazzi.

Paranoid schizophrenia, if that's what she has, is degenerative, so I don't believe Amanda's condition started on the set of Hall Pass. But I consider her departure from the production to be the 1st concrete marker of Amanda losing control to her mental illness in public. There are rumors from before Hall Pass about Amanda's behavior changing in private.

schlis schlis

I just don't know how anyone DIDN'T see this coming. Even when she was on Nick as a kid I didn't think she was funny, I thought she was a bit crazy. It made me uncomfortable and I would always change the channel. And I was just a kid myself. Maybe it's because I grew up around family members with mental illness...

nonmember avatar char

i have a son with schizophrenia and saw the symptoms right away. people jusy dont understand. there is a 1 in 3 chance that this is a one time episode that can be corrected with drugs and a 1 in 3 chance that she will need to continue drugs that help her have a normal life and a 1 in 3 chance drugs ont hep and nothing will. i hope for her and her family there is a positive result rom medication. people should show some sympathy for someone who is acting crazily because they are suffering terribly.

nonmember avatar Eric

In reading about paranoid schizophrenia to understand Amanda's (likely) condition, the most worrisome aspect is many bearers don't know and, worse, refuse to believe they're sick despite evidence that is conclusive and obvious to everyone else. It's not like other diseases where the bearer will immediately grasp the urgency and actively participate in his treatment. Many paranoid schizophrenics will actually fight against efforts to treat them. Judging Amanda's angry defensive tweets and evasive actions, I fear she falls in that category. The fact that Amanda appealed the 5250 psychiatric hold tells me she has not accepted she is sick nor the treatment.

eriv1955 eriv1955

yes i did poor thing and all the media did was make fun of her which is what people do its a shame i hope she gets better

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

It's really none of our business what her medical issues are. She needs to be left alone to take care of herself and focus on her health. There's no reason to write any more articles about her until the time if/when she wants to disclose such personal information to the public. It's her story to tell, not unnamed sources, not magazines, not yours. Give her the respect she deserves and leave her alone.

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