Raven-Symonè Issues Statement Adding Clarity to Her 'Coming Out' Tweet

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 Every actor and actress that comes out in support support of gay marriage is a superstar in my opinion. The more the merrier. Let's get the word out that everyone should be treated equal. And so when Raven-Symonè tweeted that she can finally get married now -- many, many people cheered. Not just because she was helping to champion the cause of gay marriage -- but because she no longer felt the need to hide the fact she is gay. But wait ... maybe she was just doing what a lot of people have done before her ...  refusing to even entertain the idea of marriage until there was marriage equality for everyone.

Maybe she was officially coming out in her Tweet ... or maybe she was simply giving a shout out in support. Well, she's answered that question for us now ...

In an official statement, through her rep, Raven made things clear:

I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted ... I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to.

Man that must have been liberating. It's a terrible thing that still, today, people feel the need to hide who they really are because of fear of criticism or backlash from people they love -- and worse -- public outrage from ignorant people who don't understand the word acceptance.

It could not have been easy growing up as publicly as Raven grew up. She started out on The Cosby Show at age 3 for goodness sake! But she is 27 now ... and she should be proud of who she is!

Do you see a day in this country when there will be marriage equality for everyone?


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nonmember avatar Lani

I applaud Raven Symone, she came out in a very classy way. You are who you are, and everyone should have the same rights like every other human being.It does not take any food from anyone's mouth if gay people chose to get married to each other.

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

I love her!! I am surprised she is gay but it doesn't matter to me I still just love her!! I look forward to the day of marriage equality and I'm hopeful.

seren... serenity137

I pray that day never comes,regardless of how much the government says its acceptable ,does not make it so.

grnsm... grnsmomma

What a sad person you must be Serenity. Are you gay? If not then it is NONE of your damn business. Don't like gay marriage? Then don't get one. Yes it is THAT simple. The whole arguement that it violates the sanctity of marriage is total bullshit, we live in a country where the divorce rate is over 50%. Just remember how many people had to fight to give women the right to vote or for African Americans to have any rights. We look back on that and shake our heads at society ever being that ignorant.

Jesse Spruill

@serenity137, you should keep on praying because it's going to happen. Shame on you for being so closed minded. Don't you realize that there are billions of people in the world and everyone is so different, not necessarily made from the same mold as you? I know no matter what I write here you will feel how you feel, just realize that the world is changing (for the better in regards to gay marriage). Not trying to start a comment war, just need to get that out. Peace and happiness you. :)

daninice daninice

I myself am not gay happily heterosexual. But I do believe if you love someone no matter straight gay transgender bisexual or anything else, you should be able to marry that one person who loves you and you love back. Love is love even if you are a man and a man or woman and woman or man and woman it's just love. It may not be what everyone agrees on but if you don't like it to listen to it don't watch it. Because frankly my dear you shouldn't give a damn what others do in the bedroom. Or who's kissing who in public. That's their choice their happiness. Women have equal rights Hispanics Latinos and blacks have equal rights why can't same sex relationships have the same equal rights. They are no different than you or I they have feelings a heart blood skin and bones who is anyone especially the government allowed to say who we can and can not love and marry!!!

nonmember avatar Monique Montgom

this is nothing new... she stated she was gay a long time ago when Obama first shared his mind about same-sex equality. At that time she was dating the model chick, I'm not sure if that's still the one... but morethanlikely it is.

nonmember avatar Loreli

@serenity only GOD judges us. Not you. Raven good for you I love you.🌹

1RedH... 1RedHottMama

No one should be denied the ability to marry as long as they are of age. If I were told I couldn't marry my husband for any reason I would have been devastated and fought for the ability to get married to the love of my life and I can't imagine why someone else can make that choice for anyone else. We have an employee and friend that has been married to his husband for years and they are still so much in love that it is almost contagious. Aside from the fact that my husband and I are heterosexual our marriages are not much different. I can't wait for the day that anyone can get married.

nonmember avatar Dave Stein

The only negative in this article is the writer's belief that "public outrage from ignorant people" is worse than "fear of criticism or backlash from people they love". Seriously, my expression to you about your article or sexuality could be worse for you than what a family member of someone you cared about the same matters?

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