'Sister Wives' Preview: Kody Needs to Bust Out His 'Big Boy Panties' (VIDEO)

sister wivesHey, are y'all hooked on Sister Wives Season 4 so far?? Between the jewelry biz brouhaha and Janelle's weight loss journey and Kody's continued kookiness, I know I'm completely sucked in already. And after tonight's episode, I expect to be full-on addicted. Why? Well, hmm. How do I put this, exactly?? I guess I'll just come right out and say it: The name of tonight's episode is ... "Big Boy Panties!

Yup. Not "Big Boy Shoes" or "Big Boy Bicycle" or even "Big Boy Underpants," for Pete's sake, but "Big Boy PANTIES." Whaaaa??!! I don't know what to expect, quite honestly. Perhaps the official synopsis might give us some clues? Let's take a look ...

Here goes: 

As the family continues to work toward their goal of settling into all four of their new houses by Christmas, snags in the building process threaten to derail their dream. Meanwhile, the oldest girls in the Brown family are setting their sights on higher education. Aspyn gets a tour of UNLV from her older brother Logan while Mariah has her heart set on returning to Utah to attend Westminster College. And one of the wives finally decides to jump ship on the family jewelry business.

Okay, you know what? That doesn't help one bit! First of all, whatever Big Boy Panties are, I can't see what they could possibly have to do with Christmas, house-building, higher education or jewelry. (Hmmm ... maybe higher education. If one of the boys decides to join a fraternity or something.) 

Anyway. We'll just have to wait and wonder. One thing we probably don't have to wonder about, though, is which wife will be the one to "jump ship" on the jewelry business: Can you say Janelle?? Although it could be Christine. (Watch the clip for below for hints.)

What do you think?

Which wife will be the one to shut My SisterWife's Closet door tonight? 

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nonmember avatar lisakphillips

It's a pretty common expression, meaning essentially the same thing as "big girl pants," not sure this much shock and awe is warranted.

Mommy... MommyLacey

Considering Janelle just jumped into the jewelry ship last episode it will probably be her, again or possibly Meri.

nonmember avatar Casrol G

I didn't know anybody was "sucked in" to this pathetic show. I don't understand how any one of those women could let that big Baffoon even touch her, let alone all of them. He is such a ridiculous piece of dirt.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I have to admit that I am hooked on this show. It's like watching a train wreck or a car accident. I want to know how they are able to build four giant homes if their financial situation is so dire. And I also want to know it Meri will ever pursue having another baby. I've spent waayy too much time thinking about this! LOL

middl... middleroad

Casrol G,

I agree 100%.  This is nonsense.

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