Charlie Sheen Moves in with Adult Entertainment Star Who Once Accused Him of Assault


Charlie SheenFor most of us, being locked in a closet naked while our boyfriend trashes our hotel room might be a red flag to end the relationship. For porn star Capri Anderson, who said Charlie Sheen locked her in a closet and assaulted her in a hotel room in 2010, this was just the beginning. Why should a drug-fueled rampage that reportedly results in a guy throwing a lamp at you, cursing you out, and locking you in a closet impede the path of true love? That's exactly what Charlie and Capri must be thinking as the two crazy lovebirds have reportedly moved in together. Awww.

Capri, who is 25, was not scared off by Charlie's somewhat ungentlemanly behavior three years ago when cops found her naked and screaming in a locked closet. At the time, Charlie and his ex-wife, Denise Richards, were at the hotel with not only Capri but (reportedly) four prostitutes. At the time, Capri was described in press accounts as a prostitute too.

Denise even posted a photo of her that night with Capri. She left before things got too wild and crazy. Soon enough, cops were called as Charlie busted up his hotel room and a screaming porn star/prostitute was found in the closet. For whatever weird reason, Charlie was not charged that night, but was reportedly brought to a psych ward.

Denise said of the evening:

I think the police officer on the scene was a little dumbfounded about why I was at dinner with my ex-husband and four hookers.

Denise, you were married to Charlie Sheen. No one is dumbfounded by anything.

Charlie later accused Capri of extortion. But no one said the course of true love runs smooth, and Charlie and Capri have settled their differences and have supposedly moved in together. Sources say their mutual love of partying will bind them together for better or worse. (Mostly worse.)

Well, at least we now know why Charlie's kids with Brooke Mueller are living with Denise Richards instead of him.

Do you think they will live happily ever after?

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nonmember avatar Renae

Charlie Sheen is far more disgusting than he's normally given credit. IF this story is true, the situation won't turn out well. She accused him of chocking her (against her will) and was frightened enough to hide in a closet....but people seem to be pretty dismissive of how much danger she may be putting herself in being around Charlie.

He's had so many "victims" of his physical and emotional abuse but somehow manages to come out unscathed (just type in Charlie Sheen abuses women, its frightening how many times hes been accused/plead guilty to assaulting women, i had no idea and id assume most people wouldnt)

I think it's because of his selection of victims....his victims generally aren't considered as "valuable" as he is, they're not a list celebs like he is/was, so outrage about his actions toward them seems minimal at best. That's our fault for not valuing these women as much as we do others.

People screamed for Nigella to leave her husband and were absolutely appalled when Rihanna went back, but Charlie moves in with a woman who accused him of battery, hangs out with his ex wife Denise who said he threatened to kill her or Brooke who he pled guilty to assaulting and threatened to kill...... NO ONE says a word, people report about his actions but don't seem to really care. It's basically joked about and not taken seriously. Sad.

nonmember avatar Renae

And if someone doesn't think what Charlie has done rises to the same level as other celebrity men that have been accused of abusing their partners, google Brittany Ashland, look at some of the images of her face(he plead no contest to battery). He may be funny and witty to some, but he's more than a bad boy, he's abusive according to his history of violence toward MULTIPLE women.

nonmember avatar PassingObserver

I also seem to recall Charlie noting after that episode that she'd stolen his expensive watch. But maybe that's just what Emily Post says you're supposed to do after locking a girl in a closet on the first date. I'm not familiar with all the details involved in the social contract of etiquette.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Gee, you think he'd be more worried about where his kids are living than on which tramp to move in next. Meanwhile, the boys are with neither parent....what a class-A douche! How low down on your list of priorities can your own babies be!

nonmember avatar J

No one seems to be bothered by his behavior because everyone expects it. You know Charlie and chose to 'party' with him you also know sooner or later you're going to have a fight. But these women he beats want the free drugs, sex and money he throws around and are willing to put up with his behavior. I'm sure it goes both ways as well.

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