'Bachelorette' Finale: 11 Mind-Blowing Endings to Desiree's Roller Coaster of Love

brooks forester desiree hartsock bachelorette season 9Who actually looks forward to Mondays?! No one usually, but this weekend, Bachelorette fans are in full-on flip-out mode in anticipation of the second part of the season finale! The hype surrounding what's going to happen with Desiree Hartsock is OUT OF CONTROL. And of course, ABC's fanning the fires like crazy.

Consider what exec producer Mike Fleiss said to Entertainment Weekly, “All I can say is you will be shocked by how this ends. It doesn’t make sense in some ways. It comes out of left field in other ways. But it’s the weirdest ending we’ve ever had, that’s for sure. I don’t know that Desiree is happy with it, or the guys are happy with it, but it sure is interesting to watch.” Whaat?! And then there's ABC exec Robert Mills tweeting, "The shocks start from minute 1." Huh?!


Seriously, this is just overkill now. How mind-blowing could the end possibly be? Haven't we just about exhausted all the possibilities? Here, ALL of the scenarios we've dreamed up for the final rose ...

  1. Brooks comes back, says he screwed up and didn't realize he was The One to her all along, gets down on one knee, proposes with a Neil Lane rock. Des says yes, and the two ride off into the sunset.
  2. Chris proposes, and Des is about to say yes, but then #1 occurs.
  3. Brooks returns and explains that he takes marriage so seriously and simply needed to "tap the brakes" a bit (as Reality Steve put it). He's simply not ready to propose, but he does want to be together and see where things go. Des says okay.
  4. Brooks returns and explains that he takes marriage so seriously, he's simply not ready to propose, but he does want to be together and see where things go. Des says no way! And tells Drew and Chris, "Thanks but no thanks," too, and ends up alone.
  5. Both Chris and Brooks propose, and Des -- not wanting to choose a guy who's not that into her -- says, "Screw you, Brooks!" and picks Chris.
  6. Both Chris and Brooks propose, and Des says, "Screw you both. I choose me!" Kelly Taylor-style.
  7. Chris, Drew, and Brooks all end up proposing. And she chooses who everyone thought was the dark horse at this point: DREW ...?!
  8. Chris, Drew, and Brooks all get down on one knee. She chooses none of 'em -- and walks away solo.
  9. Brooks comes back and says he just needs some more time, so he and Des are given a couple extra weeks to figure things out, and in the end, they get engaged.
  10. Des leaves Antigua alone and ends up getting engaged to Brooks on the After the Final Rose special.
  11. Instead of Brooks coming back, Sean Lowe returns and says he screwed up, has broken things off with Catherine Giudici, and wants Des after all*!

*Just kidding; that's not going to happen -- nor would we want it to!

Which scenario do you think is most likely ... or another altogether?


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