Fast-Approaching Final Season of 'Glee' Will Leave Us Heartbroken ... Again (VIDEO)

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glee still season 4When Glee was renewed for not one but two more seasons, there was also a lot of clucking about whether or not that was necessary. Hadn't the show basically already run its course? These are likely the same silly folks who failed to notice that the show had even gone on beyond the graduation of the senior class, which included Kurt, Amber, Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, etc. But to fans, the news was awesome. And the door seemed open to there being more Glee even after the sixth season! Now, though, it looks like FOX entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly has put the kibosh on that possibility.

Reilly told reporters yesterday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour: "I would not anticipate it goes beyond two more seasons." And while he made sure to tack on a seemingly obligatory "never say never," fans should probably prepare themselves for what is looking more and more like the inevitable ...

Glee's season 6 will most likely be its last. Which means these next two seasons are sure to be bittersweet, knowing they'll be the last two. That the end really is in sight.

But I guess it makes sense ... Reilly explained:

There [are] two very clear arcs to get to that end and conclude. Listen, if we discover a new crop of kids and there's some breakout, who knows?

Good point. The "new class" (Marley, Jake, Kitty, Ryder, Wade aka Unique) will end up graduating, and maybe we'll see Rachel, Kurt, and Santana make it to the big time in NYC. After that, there would really be no reason for the show to go on unless they brought on all new New Directions ... the "Third Generation"! And by then, even the most devoted fans may be a bit too burnt out for that. Better that they make sure these last two seasons are solid and as filled with heart as possible, right?

We already know that the conclusion Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk had crafted for the series will change, as a result of Cory Monteith's passing ... And we know we're in for tears, being that the series will tackle the passing of Cory Monteith in the third episode of its upcoming fifth season. If this tribute FOX tweeted today is any indication of what's in store, we better start stocking up on the tissues!

How do you feel about Glee ending after season 6?


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Misty Be

Remember when we were introduced to Saved by the Bell: The New Class (which could have been considered Saved by the Bell: The New new class, as the high school Saved by the Bell class was different than the middle school Saved by the Bell kids). Yeah, if Glee goes on too long, it'll be just like that show, or something.

Tiffany Green

glee anymore is like watching a car wanna look away but you cant.

Adam John Boyd

I don't know about dealing with last season of glee !! I can't go on and on putting my Emotional a side from all ordeal we are fearing made me think of the panic lockdown episode really scares me.

Jacqueline Rose Monge


Danielle Whooley

ive been a gleek since season 1 but honestly with the death of Cory i dont see it making it after season 5. its time to move on

zmont... zmontague

I still can't believe he's dead.  I've been re-watching Glee on Netflix and almost every time I watch it I say to myself "I can't believe he's dead"

nonmember avatar Meia

I'm so sad I wont be burnt out and I don't think most people will either. This is a fantastic show that should live on in New York, in Ohio, and in our hearts! :,( I'm sad to see and hear it fo

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