Simon Cowell's Baby Mama Isn't Giving Him a Kid for Free

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Simon CowellSimon Cowell has made himself a very wealthy man with smirks and cutting remarks, so it's tempting to hand them right back to him. He's gotten himself into a pickle this time! By now we all know that Simon is expecting a baby with his friend's wife, Lauren Silverman. Lauren is about 10 weeks along and recent pics show her swelled with Simon's love child! But is it love?

Some sources say that Simon feels he was "tricked" by Lauren and that he "assumed" she was on birth control. Since Simon is such a brilliant businessman, it's hard to believe he was so dumb in the bedroom -- but that's men for ya. Anyway, more sordid deets are coming out about Lauren and her pregnancy and none of them sound like she and Simon are contentedly picking out colors for their baby room!

The Daily Mail is reporting that Lauren is supposedly issuing a bunch of demands to her rich baby daddy, including that he marry her. Um, Lauren, you're still married, 'memba? The source says:

Lauren is now going around telling people that she will be in charge of all his [Cowell’s] properties around the world and has demanded a country home in the Cotswolds. She has also threatened not to allow him access to the child unless he marries her.

Lauren has also started to push Simon to turn her into a reality TV star. She wants her own show like the Kardashians and has already apparently started filming the pregnancy.

Another source dishes:

Simon does NOT, NOT, NOT plan to get married to her. Simon is gearing up for a potentially ugly child support battle.

Hmm, Simon, you should have married Susan Boyle when you had the chance! At least she earns her keep!

Also (supposedly) Lauren and her husband, Andrew, were far from "estranged" as some were claiming. He'd apparently had just upgraded her engagement ring when he found out she was carrying his pal's baby. (If this is true, Simon better demand a paternity test!)

Another source claims that Simon and Lauren are a "couple" and "very happy." Sounds like a lot of sources talking over each other. I'd hate to be in a room with these sources. Actually, I'd love it!

Anyway, who knows how much of all of this tongue wagging is true. Simon recently attended an ill-timed X-Factor press conference and wouldn't answer questions about the baby, except to say: "I haven't read the newspapers. Am I missing something?"

Haha, Simon. At least you still have your sense of humor!

And next time, pal, wrap yo' sef!

Do you think things between Simon and his baby mama are as bad as people are saying?

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worki... workingmama86

Sounds like he picked the right one to breed with LOL. Maybe this is his karma for being such a prick to people?!? lmao.


But seriously, she can't demand shit from him simply because she's carrying "his baby". And she definitely can't keep his own child from him without proving him to be completely unfit. She's totaly lost her mind if what the sources are saying is true. 

Elaine Cox

ya he should keep himself wrapped and she should keep her legs closed for men not her husband...gotta love stir sending all this hate one way...sounds like they pretty much deserve each other

nonmember avatar mel

I think she did this shit on purpose

bills... billsfan1104

I am beginning to think that this is nt true and she needs to get a paternity test.

nonmember avatar Complexgirl

I don't know why but this article made me smile. Comeuppance perhaps for a snarky Brit who thinks his "s### doesn't stink!" Smile, wink.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Wrap it before you tap it, bud.

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Abstinence is the only 100% birth control - stop blaming her.

Valerie Metzger

@ Elaine, I thought the same thing. She's an utter bitch, he slept with his friend's wife, they probably SHOULD get married so they can just be terrible to each other and leave the rest of the world out of it.

nonmember avatar Janice LeMilin

And for Rachel who said it was well known that Jewish women are sluts...Poor know the Jewish slut that birthed Jesus...the Jewish slut that got knocked up before marriage...and Joseph didnt want to marry her...he got espoused to her to keep her from being stoned to death...your so called Savior/Messiah had an unmarried Jewish slut for a Mother. Maybe that's where your opinion comes from...your religious background. Mary, Mother of Jesus was a Jewish slut. Wonder how much money Joseph had to pay out in his lifetime. Your Bible doesnt say that Joseph ever married Mary...just had more kids with the Jewish slut. You Christians are pieces of Muslims. Idiots, the lot of you.

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