Kim Kardashian Posts 'Baby North' Pic on Facebook in Obnoxious Stunt (PHOTO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian decided to take a quick break from the cozy bubble she and baby North West have been living in for the past few months to post a photo to Facebook. Specifically, a photo where she's cuddling a swaddled up newborn while sister Kourtney lovingly looks on. Kim captioned the pic, "Love these precious moments."

Now, if you didn't know better, you'd think that was a photo of Kim and her baby, being that A) she just had one, and B) the world, sadly, is waiting with bated breath to see Kim and/or baby North. But no. It's a photo from a few years ago. And the baby Kim's holding? It's Mason.

So, I guess those of us who thought Kim really was hiding from the media solely to be with her baby instead of as an epic publicity stunt, egg on our face.

We learned last week that Kim plans on making her debut some time in the very near future. So, I guess she's building the tension now with trickery like this. Why else would she post something like this to Facebook? Of course we're all going to get in a tizzy when we see Kim cradling a mystery baby.

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In my heart of hearts, I do think motherhood has changed Kim. How could it not? But I definitely think this "Kim in hiding" business is more for money and publicity reasons than for "wanting to spend time with my baby" reasons. I wanted to believe that wasn't the case, but with a stunt like this, how could it not be? Just show us the baby, Kim; collect your ginormous paycheck; and let's get on with it already.

Do you think Kim is in hiding for publicity reasons?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Facebook



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Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Anyone who took a second to think about it would have known that wasn't North. There is no she will be that light-skinned!

Gianna Markolus

Um she posts flashback pics all the time. It's not her fault the media obsesses over her every move and comes up with stupid conspiracy theories over a simple pic. That was from her fan tumblr tuesday post

Gianna Markolus

And FYI she's been tweeting and posting pics for awhile. She never stopped so acting like she broke some silence to just post this pic is ridiculous and not even true. Get a life

nonmember avatar Krystal

Prettygirlmyers have you ever seen a mixed baby?? they are born that light don't be stupid!

Cooks... Cookster792

She is just waiting for the biggest payout. The offer of 4 million wasn't enough. Hope it all backfires on her.

Much rather see William & Kate, they seem so down to earth.

Kat Tshifunda

That's Kourt's daughter

nonmember avatar Roshay Johnson

Kim is in hiding. Actually she thought baby was going to pop out. So Wrong. She had 5 hrs. of labor and a c-section which left a surgical scar on her belly as c-sections do. After my giving birth I wondered if "this man was worth all the pain and stitches." Kim was in for a big let down after birth, because the Kardashian's are not used to let downs.

nonmember avatar erica

Ya black babies come out lite but not white ...and yes shes waiting for pay out and until she loses weight also she hated being called fat .

nonmember avatar Michelle


allmy... allmy3girls

kim is a CREEP for using a FAKE PHOTO just to say its HERS..we think the reason kim is not posting pictures of NORTH because  the baby probably is UGLY  and if it looks anyhing like KANYE MESS...YUCK  as for it looking like kim,, thats UGLY  TOO

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