Cory Monteith's Finn Hudson Character Will Have a Shocking Exit on 'Glee'

Lea MicheleCory Monteith's death shocked his fans, his adoring girlfriend, Lea Michele, and the cast of Glee. But now the creators of the hit TV series are burdened with writing Cory and his character, Finn Hudson, out of the show. They'll want to do it in a way that pays homage to him and his character. In a way that's believable for fans. And in a way that doesn't deny the reality of what happened. The cast has just reassembled to shoot again, and they can only go so long without explaining away Finn's presence. How will they do it? Well, the how has been revealed. And it's a bit shocking, to say the least.

Fox has released a statement saying how Finn's departure will be handled. It says:

The third episode will write Finn out of the show. That episode will deal directly with the incidents involved with Cory's passing and the drug abuse in particular.

In addition, co-creator Ryan Murphy will film an anti-drug PSA with the cast that will "speak directly with the audience."

Wow. This is all pretty heavy-duty for a character best known for singing cheesy '80s songs. But the writers were in a difficult position. Writing that Finn suddenly decided to move to Europe wouldn't make much sense -- plus, it would seem like a cop-out.

Are they really going to have Finn die of a drug overdose just like Cory, when Finn had no history of drug use? At least that anyone knew about?

In some ways, this could be an important teachable moment -- letting people know that drugs affect people from all walks of life. Even people like Finn.

On the other hand, Cory is not Finn. Finn is not Cory. Cory came from a tough background and had an addiction problem that most everyone who knew him was familiar with. Not so with Finn.

Should the writers stick to character? Wouldn't it have been more in character to send Finn off to college, as he was already on the verge of doing?

This is a tough call. But I'm sure the writers will handle it with sensitivity. And the show has dealt with incredibly difficult subjects in the past -- why not drug abuse?

But, even weirder, could this be some kind of "gotcha" scenario where Finn dies, and someone else has a drug abuse problem? The statement released by Fox is a tad vague. Ryan Murphy previously said that Finn would "pass" -- did he mean something else besides die? Arrrgh. So confusing.

I can't imagine Lea having to act out a scene about Finn dying of a drug overdose. However, I doubt she wouldn't do anything she didn't want to do.

Lea, who stepped out the other day wearing her "Cory" necklace, is a "pillar of strength," according to the head of Fox. And she shows it in this latest tweet:

Do you think Finn should die of a drug overdose?


Image via Lea Michele/Instagram

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Liane... Lianetherider

I don't think that they would have Finn die of a drug overdose, simply because that's too real and not in his character. As you said, Cory and Finn aren't the same person. I think that the PSA will address Cory's death, not Finn's. It would also be incredibly cruel to not give Lea Michele that little bit of disconnect that a different cause of death will.

Total... TotallyTweedles

While I may not think it is the best idea to have his death so closely resemble real life it isn't that much of a stretch. It may not be directly in his character however if you follow the belief that addiction is genetic then it could easily be tied together. Finn's dad died of an over dose. They established how he was floundering a bit last season and his actions, at times, were a bit all over the place so playing into a drug story line isn't too far fetched. 

Jessica Santo

I think cory should die of overdose to be based more on history than glee created to help people to live out of the closet .. and I think this would be an advantage to speak of Drugas
that despite being a good boy pretty humble to them until the can affect. but in any case I wants it so we accepted the best for the cast, glee, gleek, LEA MICHELE.

truth... truthrowan

Cory's character Finn was partying pretty hard last season at college along with Puck, so it wouldn't necessarily be a shocker if something happened. The actors death, and any death due to drugs, is a tragedy no matter what happens on the show.

mamma... mammajigglypuff

I was thinking the same thing truthrowan

mommy... mommy242012

Finn may not have had a drug problem but his dad did and whose to say he didn't have a drug problem no body knew about who knows

Karto... KartofflMuter

 What's cruel and what's a purging experience is only for Lea to decide.She should and i'm guessing will have the final input.

nonmember avatar Wendy

I wouldn't be surprised if they had Finn die as a result of someone else's drug use...accident, maybe?


I remember they did  this on the show "Suddenly Susan" when one of the cast members had hung himself. He had also led a very secreat life of drugs.They wrote it into the show and it was very poignant.They also ran a PSA about suiside prevention.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I actually think it would make more sense to have Finn die in something like a drunk driving car accident. He was going to head off to college, there's a lot of drinking there. That way, his passing would still involve a substance, just not something as out-of-character for Finn as hard drugs.

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