Insider Secrets From Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Stay May Surprise You (VIDEO)

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lindsay lohan Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and looks, well, pretty amazing by LiLo standards! The buzz surrounding her visit to the Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center is mostly positive, and now, a member of her recovery group, Tommy Tracy, is speaking out about what the troubled actress was really like behind closed doors. He sounds like a screwball jerk to be squawking about LiLo to the press and so quickly. Not cool. But we still had to know what he has to say ...

Tracy told FOX 5, "[Lindsay]'s got a lot of strong talent acting, but there really wasn't acting there. There was really more soul searching there and her inter-development of her well-being and wanting to gain independence for herself." Hmm, seems promising, right?

He continued ...

[She was] really taking Alcoholics Anonymous seriously and wanting things to be different. Really contemplating life, what is really important in life. ... The party is over, and it is pretty much time for her to get serious about what she is doing in her career. I just don't see any signs of it being a problem.

Tommy, whose son got a birthday shout-out from LiLo on Twitter, went on to say he feels like Lindsay's "heart is in the right place. I can honestly tell you she would sit with her little notebook and she would be working on her 12 steps all the time. I have never seen someone so committed to it."

Not to be a total Debbie Downer, but this guy may just want his 15 seconds of fame and feels like he can get that by saying the opposite of what everyone else is saying ...

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to think Lindsay's recovery is a sure thing ... Director Paul Schrader, who worked with Lindsay Lohan on her new movie The Canyons, seems to believe her struggles with alcohol are overplayed, noting that he thinks she's just a "cheap drunk." Instead, he thinks her real problem is an addiction to the ADD prescription drug Adderall. Bret Easton Ellis, known for his big mouth on Twitter and penning The Canyons, seems to feel similarly, noting that he thinks her Adderall use may have made her "bossy" and affected her behavior otherwise on the set.

Meanwhile, Lindsay says she needs the amphetamine to control her severe ADD, and although she was off it in rehab, she reportedly wants her prescription refilled ASAP. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out ... But for LiLo's sake, I hope Tommy Tracy is on to something about her fate.

Here's Tracy's full interview ...


How do you think LiLo will fare post-rehab?


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nonmember avatar J

Alcoholics ANNONYMOUS...d* bag, trying to get 15 mins of fame. Let the girl be and keep her time in treatment just as private as you wish yours was. It's her story to tell, not some random person's.

nonmember avatar tommy tracy

I was not paid to speak to fox,my childhood friend is the supervising anchor ! True friendship and love are not for sale and cant be bought ! and rarely found anywhere in hollywood where morals and faith are enslaved by Fiction

Thomas Tracy

nonmember avatar Jenna


Did you have permission from Lindsay to do this interview? Quite honestly, it is not your place to discuss her treatment in rehab. As someone who has been in rehabs myself, who has faced and suffered with addiction, we were not allowed to discuss anything that went on in rehab with the media, or anyone in the outside world. It was to stay confidential. What you did was invading her privacy and taking advantage of her trust as a friend. If you cant get that, then maybe you need to take your rehab experience much seriously, or maybe Cliffside doesn't make it aware that they should have policies that people who attend their rehabs should not discuss. Just like in group therapies, or personal one on one, what is said during those times, stays there. In the future, instead of doing interviews regarding high profile celebrities you rehabbed with, you should consider your own treatment and stop trying to get yourself in the news by talking about someone else!!!!

Steven A. Melton

If you are in rehab and planning your next refill, you need to stay in rehab.

nonmember avatar Donna Ketterer

She is entitled to her personal recovery. Part of the problem could be no privacy anywhere!

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