Farrah Abraham Recording a New Song?!! -- But We Still Haven’t Recovered From Her First One!

farrah abrahamPrepare ye for the End of Days! Or at least prepare to cover your ears. Farrah Abraham is back in the studio and may be recording another song. Yesterday Farrah tweeted, "In the studio :))))))" Dear God, does she mean recording studio, as in singing another song that will make our ears bleed? Or does she mean studio where she'll film another "sex tape"? Because honestly, I've heard her sing, and I've seen her porn, and I'm not sure which was more traumatizing. No, actually I do: It was the singing.

Can we talk Farrah out of this? Is it too late? Can someone find out where this studio is so we can cut off its power supply?


It may actually be too late. That tweet was from yesterday, and how long could it possibly take for her to record the world's most painful music, anyway? Not long at all, guessing from her last effort. In case you missed it, or your hypnotherapy successfully erased the song from your memory, here's Farrah's musical debut, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

WHAT AM I DOING? No, don't play that. Oh God, the autotune abuse alone ... Saaaaave yourselves. The horror.

Maybe it's enough if I just remind you of the lyrics: "Dude (ahhh) Dude (ahhh) Dude (ahhh) / Myself out of my own frame / Sick and fight, dreamin' up / Doesn't deserve my thing / No boy, I am always have / It just takes time ..." Actually, I can't understand a word she's singing. And now I have to go see my hypnotherapist again, dammit. Maybe I should sue Farrah Abraham for pain and suffering plus damages. Again. SIGH.

No, I cannot blame Farrah this time. I take responsibility for my own bleeding ears. When her new song comes out (if she releases it), I can resist hate-listening to it. Oh I'll be tempted! I'll want to hate-listen and then blog about it. But I! Can! Resist! So can you. Friends don't let friends listen to Farrah sing. That is all.

Would you listen to another Farrah Abraham song?


Image via F1Abraham/Twitter

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