'Walking Dead' Fan Mom Tries to Hunt Down Norman Reedus With 3 Kids in Tow

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Norman ReedusOn July 28, a police officer responded to reports of a burglary in progress at a home in LaGrange, Georgia. At the front door he discovered a sweaty, disoriented woman who claimed she had been traveling from Mississippi to find a Walking Dead actor, who she described as "her man."

It's unsurprising to me to read that the man in question was Norman Reedus, who plays the much-loved character Daryl Dixon on the show -- one glance at Reedus's various social media accounts shows just how enormous and passionate his fan base is. Unfortunately, it seems this particular woman's extreme devotion to Reedus is the result of a tragic drug or mental condition, because she ended up putting her three children in danger during her bizarre road trip.

According to the police report, the woman and her three children had run out of gas during their trip and were subsequently taken to the West Point Police Department. She must have been unable to afford more gas or a hotel room, because West Point authorities ended up taking the family to a shelter in LaGrange.

That's where the story gets confusing -- at some point, the woman left the shelter and broke into the LaGrange home, believing her children to be inside. She was discovered coming out the front door, while "sweating profusely" and behaving in a disoriented manner. She told the officer that she had been on her way to "visit Norman," and that while she hadn't memorized where he lived, she had the information on a GPS she'd left in the car.

She was taken to the emergency room, where due to her "altered mental state," she faced no charges. West Point police got in touch with her husband, who had reportedly already met with the Department of Family and Children Services (maybe he was notified as soon as she went missing from the shelter?) and was driving back to Mississippi with the children.

What a sad and strange story. I can't imagine what those kids went through during the whole odyssey -- or what their everyday home life is like, for that matter. I don't know if the mother was inebriated or mentally ill or what, but god only knows what might have happened if she actually managed to get close to Reedus. She wasn't that far away, after all: The Walking Dead films near Senoia, about 40 miles from LaGrange.

I hope those kids are safe with the husband, and I hope this woman is getting the help she so clearly needs. It's always scary to hear about a fan whose behavior crosses the line into obsession, but it's particularly upsetting to know that in this case, three innocent kids were dragged along in the process.

What do you think was going on with this Walking Dead fan?

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hexxuss hexxuss

I think I'm better off NOT knowing what's up with her...

Melis... Melissa1508

Wow.  My husband's family lives in Lagrange...gonna have to get the skinny on this.  ;)

nonmember avatar Judi

I love Norman as well! <3

nonmember avatar christina

wow..just wow. That is really sad.

Carol Snyder

I think she's a nut and belongs in an asylum. I love the walking dead and think Daryl is fantastic but not to the extent that she went. People get too carried away with actors and actresses

Zandra Bass-Wheeler

OK.....Wow you know I love the show walking dead. I even love the Daryl Dixon on the show but if Norman Reedus didn't send a limo and some cash and a baby sitter and hell a lot of other stuff.....I will be doing what I am doing right now. Nuthin........lol

Gracia B Espi

she's turning into a ZOMBIE......

Lynn Martin Nay

most awesome. Darrell is a cutie

nonmember avatar dawn


malibucj malibucj

What's Ironic is he was at Fright Night Film Fest in Kentucky that day. The whole weekend actually.

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