Simon Cowell Reportedly Feels 'Tricked' by Woman He Got Pregnant in Scandal's Latest Sleazy Twist

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Simon CowellSimon Cowell is going to be a daddy and reportedly he's not too thrilled about it. Cowell has just been named as a "co-adulterer" in his baby mama Lauren Silverman's husband's divorce petition. Cowell had been pals with real estate honcho Andrew Silverman and his wife, Lauren, for years, and Silverman and his family are shocked by Simon's "betrayal." But Cowell also seems like he might feel betrayed -- by Lauren. A source told the New York Daily News:

The pregnancy has taken him by surprise. He assumed she was using birth control. Simon thought this was a casual relationship — friends with benefits. The pregnancy was not planned. He is feeling tricked.

Well, you know what they say about "assuming." It makes an ass out of you and me. Apparently Simon never heard that growing up.

Did Lauren have an obligation to reveal her birth control methods or lack thereof to Simon? Does any woman have that obligation?

Or is a man responsible for his own sexual activities? Is the weight on him to ask questions, to require proof, or, heaven forbid, to use his own contraception?

Ideally every man and woman would be forthright and honest about their sexuality -- whether it's using birth control, having an STD, or even sexual orientation -- the reality is that that doesn't always happen. In fact, it's pretty common for it NOT to happen!

So why would a guy like Simon -- who has said he does not want children -- not protect himself from that possibility? You would think a rich and famous guy like that, surely a catch at least for some women, would want to make sure no "accidents" happen and would use condoms. At the very least watch to make sure that Lauren is taking some little pills in the morning. Maybe she never was around in the morning?

Hard to feel sorry for Simon being "tricked." He's an adult and should have more brains. Given his predilection for being judgmental and unsympathetic to everyone else, I can hardly offer him sympathy here.

The source says he feels "let down" by Lauren. Really, if he feels that way, he let down himself.

By all accounts, Simon plans on being involved with the baby's life -- so, who knows, this could turn out to be the best trick of Simon's life.

Do you think women are obligated to tell men if they're on birth control?

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nonmember avatar Beali18

Of coarse the woman should tell the man if she is using birth control or anything. I think th man should ask for proof. Because once the woman gets pregnant, the man has no control anymore. The woman basically has the power to what's going to happen to his life.

katyq katyq

They are equally responsible. He has no right to feel " tricked"  any more than she does. She could say " well, i assumed he had a vasectomy since he has always been so against having children". Regardless, it is here now and i hope he will try to be a good father.

nonmember avatar sandy

All great points made by the author. My first thoughts when I read about the whole debaucle were varied: First, because Simon was on friendly terms with Mr. Silverman, he should have kept his britches zipped and on; second, both SImon and the Mrs. did commit adultery, so I do not view the divorce petition as anything but just. When it comes to the birth control issue, Lauren absolutely should have told Simon if she was not "equipped." That said, SImon would have been wise to ask, and most definitely he should have used a condom, regardless of Lauren's response; always good to protect oneself and your partner from any possibility of STD. What a mess, and how very, very sad.

lulou lulou

I see a sitcom or reality show in the works, cant wait to see him go off on soccer refs.

nonmember avatar Kate

It's the responsibility of both parties to have a discussion on contraception. If Simon truly assumed it was just taken care of, he's an idiot. If he truly didn't want kids, he's got a ton of cash - ever heard of a vasectomy, Simon? They're simple procedures and they pretty much eliminate this sort of 'let down'. I'm glad he's planning to be involved in the child's life, though.

nonmember avatar Plez

This Lauren is in the wrong for not being upfront with Simon, but he is in the wrong for 1) banging his friend's wife, 2) being stupid and not using a condom anyway, and 3) for banging his friend's wife.

Elaine Cox

why would any man believe a woman who is cheating on her husband even if she said she was on birth control..SHE IS CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND!!...THE ONLY PERSON THAT PROTECTS ME IS ME!!!...If he just assumed then he is stupid as well as slime..and we know what she is

Elaine Cox

This Lauren is in the wrong for not being upfront with Simon.....she is wrong for a lot more than that...she was the married one

hexxuss hexxuss

I think both sides have an obligation to be upfront about it, but a guy should always wear something if it's "casual" - who knows how many OTHER guys are "casual" with the chick too!?  Either way, a female can lie to get pregnant also, so unless they wanna be daddies, they need to wrap it.

Meg Moore

He shoudl have asked about BC. She should have been honest. He should have used contraception himself either way.

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