Jenelle Evans Films Boyfriend Doing Something Dangerous Just to Impress 'Fans' (VIDEO)

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Jenelle Evans Nathan GriffithYou guys! Have you seen Jenelle Evans' latest craziness? The Teen Mom 2 star recently had emergency surgery on her appendix, leaving her with stitches on her tummy. So what's a fame-hungry girl to do with a bunch of stitches? Thinking .....

Oh, I know! Why don't you let your boyfriend consult a YouTube video on how to take them out ... then tweet about it so the whole world knows you're taking your life in your own hands?

But Jenelle didn't JUST tweet about it y'all. She went one better.

The reality star posted a Vine video featuring a close-up of her stomach, a set of medical scissors, and of course Nathan Griffith checking out that YouTube video on removing stitches. You know, just in case we were worried that she was lying about letting a graduate of Google University medical school do what medical professionals spend years in college learning.

Come on! Girlfriend can't be THAT broke OR dumb. She can't be so needy that she'd actually risk her own health just for attention ... right?

I said, right?

Sigh. The truth is, stitch removal is pretty easy, but it's important for a doctor to assess your healing before they're removed. Remove them too early, and you risk the wound not healing correctly and complications down the line. There is a REASON this is a medical procedure and not something you let your boyfriend do on a whim one night.

If she can afford tattoos, she can afford a doctor to remove her stitches. The only reason to do this -- and to tweet and Vine the whole thing -- is so people will react. Period.

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As bad as I was feeling for Jenelle over her brush with death -- appendicitis can be fatal -- this stunt screams "pay attention to me" so loudly that it's pretty much popped a hole in that sympathy balloon.

She needs to grow up and stop playing games with her body just for attention. One day it's going to backfire ... and how.

Would you let someone take out your stitches after watching a YouTube video?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

I just think its weird her stitches are on the outside. When I had my appendix out and I had a similar (bigger) incision the stitches were on the inside in dissolved.

nonmember avatar Angela Ramirez

A coworker of mine took my stitches out i had in my was no big deal....why pay a copayment or get billed when they can easily but cut and removed?

nonmember avatar Ann

I've taken my own stitches out several times - not a big deal @ all - long as you sterilize everything and aren't a total moron. I took my kids staples outta his head with the medical staple remover - chill out; she "wants people to react". && you do every single time

hexxuss hexxuss

*shudders* 2 words - hell & no. 

nonmember avatar Rebecca Kime

Actually, most doctors give you a date, and then tell you to remove your own stitches. It's pretty common. As long as she followed her doctors advice, I believe she'll live to see another day.

Sarah Louise Lake

shes a dumb bitch after attension same old whore

nonmember avatar VICKI

I work in the medical field and this is just dumb. Also money has nothing to do with why she did it. Your stitches removal is included with the original it would have cost her nothing to go back to the doctor!

amand... amandasean

She needs the doctor to take them out not her boyfriend and secondly some stiches dissolve on their own.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I work in the Medical field too. And yes the price of the removal in included in the original procedure. However there is nothing wrong with her taking out her own. And it is really not that hard that you even have to watch a youtube video. And Doctors do not go to school for years learning how to take stiches out. Get real. Actually there aren't many Drs. any more that will remove them it usually a nurse, medical assistant or a nurse assistant. This article is actually doing what they claim she is doing this all for. Giving her attention. But actually I have seen a lot of stuff like this posted on facebook and twitter and youtube but no article about these people are written. You are just wanting to nit pick every single thing that this girl does. Which if you don't like her quit posting about her and let her do what she wants. All you are doing is bringing attention to her.

Christal Burgess

I do that all the time who goes back and pays for a visit fotr that

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