Brooks Ayers Gets Cursed Out by Vicki Gunvalson's Daughter Briana at 'RHOOC' Reunion (VIDEO)

briana rhoocIt was bound to happen at some point or another. I'm just glad it happened on camera. On the reunion of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson's daughter, Briana, curses out Brooks Ayers, Vicki's on again/off again boyfriend. And it's awesome. And kinda gross when you hear what Brooks tried to talk to her about.

In the short preview clip, we see all sorts of explosive drama going down -- Tamra and Gretchen screaming at one another; Vicki yelling at Lauri; Gretchen sobbing her eyes out. But the one little piece of the minute-long clip that stood out most was Briana saying to/about Brooks, "Don't ever talk sh*t about my f*cking husband," and "He tried to talk to me about his d*ck size!" Wow and ew. Check it out, then let's reconvene:


Dude, Briana really lets Brooks have it! Good. I'm sure after seeing all the sh*t he's talked about her to Vicki all season, girlfriend was fed the hell up. I mean, could you imagine a (shady) grown man telling your own mother to kick you out of her house? That's essentially the message Brooks has conveyed all season long. "We can be together if Briana (and her newborn baby) leave." Disgusting.

I really don't think Briana's disdain for Brooks is self-serving. I think she, like pretty much everyone, feels that he's shady, manipulative, and using Vicki for both money and fame. The only problem is getting Vicki herself to see that. Hopefully, this spat at the reunion will help, because nothing else seems to. Your boyfriend talking to your daughter about his penis size? Gross.

What do you think of Brooks and Briana's relationship?


Image via Bravo

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youth... youthfulsoul

I think it's wholely inappropriate and Vicki is a dumbass.

Monica Buchanan

I think Brianna has pegged him bang on.  What kind of gross fat pig tells his g/f's daughter about his dick.  Ew!  Vicki I certainly hope if nothing else has opened yours eyes to this disgisting excuse for a man that this will.

JS0512 JS0512

I haven't watched this show in years but just checked out the clip.  There is one shit-ton of plastic sitting on those couches!

Anna Maria much work has Gretchen had on her face? That last segment with her crying, she looks exactly like Heide from the MTV show THE HILLS!! And we all know how much work she had done on her face. Ugh...Gretchen needs to get off the show before she ruins her face even more than she already has. When they showed clips from the first season with her and Jeff, she looks completely different now...and NOT FOR THE BETTER!

nonmember avatar sandy

Briana has had this guy's number since Day 1. Watching the previous seasons, I was thoroughly frustrated that Vicki ignored her misgivings and later, cautions and ultimatums. So good to se Briana let loose! I also commend her for staying as loyal and forgiving to her VIcki as she has: Frankly, Vicki can learn a lot from her daughter.

Hannah Ann Smith

How much Botox and lip fillers has Gretchen had??? Wow! she's starting to look like a former beauty pageant queen who can't accept that she's no longer able to compete.

nonmember avatar EEK SEZ

I stopped watching awhile back. I just can't take these plastic phonies anymore. They make Californians look so bad.

nonmember avatar Darla Jay

I cant stand Brooks....He is a scum bag and Vicki can do Alot better.Thank God for her daughter she has had Brooks pegged this whole time. get rid of this leach for good.

nonmember avatar Really

Have you noticed that Vicki can't complete a thought? And she yells when someone is getting close to the truth. Brooks is shady. He's really scary. Trailer park trash. Ewewwwwwwwe

nonmember avatar Kate

While I do agree that Brooks is a shady scumbag, I think Brianna is a spoiled brat who should be more concerned about her husband's obvious controll & anger issues.... I don't like Brooks at all, but I would never allow my grown daughter and her verbally abusive husband tell me who I can & Can't see in my own home... After seeing the previews for next weeks show, Briann's husband is a disgrace to the uniform he wears, spreading gossip to Slade/Gretchen, saying he wasn't going to "Allow" Vicki to talk nice about Brooks, and the verbal smackdown he gives to Lydia's mother was sickening.... Not to mention, calling his MIL a bitch.... Vicki is one at times, but GMAB... I used to like Brianna, but now not so much... I get she wants the best for her mom and Yes, Brooks is a shady scumbag, but emotionally blackmailing Vicki, defending her husbands abusive attacks towards Lydia's mom... I fear for Vicki in regards to Brooks, but I fear for Brianna & Troy even more with Ryan's anger issues....

Brooks needs to go... as does Slade, but so does Ryan....

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