Alexander Skarsgard Might Be Leaving 'True Blood' After All & Everybody Is Losing It!

eric and pamWake-up call time, Trubies: If you, like me, thought we were almost maybe out of the woods insofar as Eric surviving this season of True Blood (because, let's face it -- we could deal with anybody else dying but ERIC EFFING NORTHMAN?! NO WAY!), well ... maybe not!!! Why do we think Eric might still meet the True Death?? Because usually tight-lipped eschewer of all emotions badass Pam had herself a bit of a bean-spilling breakdown!! Okay, to be fair, it wasn't Pam, per se -- it was the actress who plays Pam, Kristin Bauer van Straten, who gave us all a major hint about Eric's mortality -- but still!! You won't even believe what she said ...

Apparently, when pressed by a reporter about Alexander Skarsgard's potential departure from the show, the actress got all choked up!!

"It’s a fear of mine for a couple of reasons ... I love being around him."


And it gets even more sad: 

"It’s family. I’m around often Alex for 70 hours a week and we laugh and laugh ... My favorite part on the job is the day on the set."

Holy sh*t, that woman has the best job ever in the history of jobs. EVER!

But what's gonna happen?? Is Eric definitely doomed??

"I know a lot of things … I can’t say."

"I could cry thinking about whenever, like 10 years from now, if I’m not next to Alex, I’ll be sad."

What does she mean, she can't say??? We have to know exactly what those "things" are, Kristin Bauer van Straten!!

Personally, I might never find out what happens to Eric Northman, because the suspense will probably kill me before then.

Do you think Eric is going to die on True Blood?

Image via HBO

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nonmember avatar Welcome Mat

If Eric goes, so do the ratings. It's sayonara, TB-san. NOBODY puts the Viking in a corner. Side-eyeing you soooo hard right now, TB.

nonmember avatar Sasha Bella

No Eric... no TB for me.

Sara Salem Smith

If they kill off Eric before Bill bye bye ratings

Naomi Lazare

Oh hell no. Alexander can't leave ever

Elizabeth Clark

Erik needs to stay alive and immortal even at the end of the show, so that we can always imagine that he's doing what he's doing best, and that's being our sexxxy viking.  Don't kill him.


nonmember avatar Ange

I don't think (or perhaps I'm just strongly hoping) that TB would kill off Eric.... he's such a pull for so many viewers, and they should know that if they do kill off Eric, then the ratings will plummet, drastically. Don't get me wrong though.... I'm like everyone else, holding my breath, praying it's not Eric... anyone but Eric!!!

Carrie Holder

He's supposed to marry Sookie and that hasn't happened yet!

Katie Woods

I'd be surprised if something did happen to Alexander's character Eric on TB. First, for all the reasons already noted (ratings would tank, and the Truebie outcry would be massive) and second b/c Alexander himself has said publicly that he enjoys the freedom having a consistent paycheck gives him to explore indie and "passion" projects in his off time. I think the bigger question is how much longer will TrueBlood be on. I know they have renewed for a 7th season, but will it be the 7th & final? I'm enjoying this season a lot more than last, but I could definitely see how this 'war' could set up the show nicely for a Season 7 conclusion. I would think, much to my sadness, that a lot of the cast is probably ready to move on. It has been a great fun...why not go out on a high note? Side note/idea: Spin-off show in the making...Shreveport Wolf Pack??

nonmember avatar Donna

Kristin is very emotional. It's adorable. I think she gets choked up a lot. This interview does not concern me at all. Besides, I doubt Kristin would ruin a secret.

nonmember avatar Dolly

If he goes I go!!

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