Justin Bieber's Scandalous, Late-Night Behavior Will Surely Upset Selena Gomez (VIDEO)

justin bieberSo, wait. I thought Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back together? I mean, the two have been spotted together both in real life and Instagram life recently, so doesn't that mean they're "on"? Isn't that how the kids do it these days? "Hang out" when they're dating? Apparently not, or apparently times have changed, because according to witnesses, Bieber was hitting on all sorts of ladies during a recent NYC trip. In fact, he supposedly partied with a brunette until 6 a.m. the other night -- after a blonde rejected him.

That doesn't sound like very relationship-friendly behavior. 


According to a source, on Monday night, Justin was "surrounded by blondes" at Catch nightclub in New York. He apparently asked one of the girls for her number, and she told him to beat it. The girl said: "He was really surprised when I said no and he said, 'Don’t you want to hang out at the after party?' But it was already 2 a.m.! I just looked at him and said no, laughed and then left with my friends." Then, the next night, Justin was spotted arriving at 1oak night club at 4 a.m. (4 a.m.!!!). He reportedly got particularly cozy with a brunette who was wearing a "tight white dress with black accents", before he arrived back at his hotel at 6 a.m.

The most surprising thing about this story, besides the fact that Justin first got to a nightclub at 4:00 in the morning, is that I really thought he and Selena were back together. I mean, they just posted a semi-sexy, in a teen angsty kind of way, pic together on July 4, along with the hashtag #heartbreaker. "Just friends" don't do that. And freshly-broken up couples don't do that if there's absolutely, positively nothing going on.

Well, if they're not broken up, they sure as hell will be once Selena gets wind of Biebs' shenanigans. Hey, maybe she'll read this post and find out that way! If so, sorry Biebs. But, hey, kinda cool for me!

What do you think of Justin's actions?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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