Kanye Supposedly Begged Kim Kardashian's 'Frenemy' Beyonce to Visit Baby North

beyonce jay zEngland has its royal family, and we have ours: Bey and Hova. And a visit from them is about the most exciting thing that could happen to anyone, even a Kardashian. Well, that happened. A couple days ago, Beyonce and Jay Z visited Kim Kardashian and Baby North. They stepped down from their gilded cloud long enough to spend a couple hours with Kanye's family, a privilege that no doubt thrilled the Kardashians. (Kanye was not around to enjoy the visit -- he's apparently in Milan at the moment.)

Can you imagine? And yet, there are those who would pooh pooh the grand occasion. Rumor has it that Beyonce cannot abide Kim, and visited only under duress, at the insistence of Kanye. Really? Come on. Even if there's a little truth to that rumor, I think Bey and Jay Z would want to see their friend Kanye's baby anyway.

And if Kim gets on Beyonce's nerves, I think having a little baby around would neutralize that. Beyonce could focus on North, giving Kim motherly advice and cooing over how cute North is. Babies are a well-known tool for a detente. As long as you keep the visit short and slip out before they get fussy, the baby visit can be a great peace-making opportunity.

Besides, how annoying could Kim really be to Beyonce? Maybe they just didn't have that much to talk about before. Well, they do now. Kim and Beyonce can bond as fellow mothers -- or, failing that, they can at least swap stories and photos. (We hear Bey and Jay Z didn't bring Blue Ivy, which was probably a smart move.)

Plus they sent Baby North some insanely lavish gifts -- Dior baby booties and a silver engraved Elsa Peretti Padova baby set. Now why would you spend around $7,000 on a baby and not want to also visit that baby and her mother, too? I think the feud is overblown, and I see a friendly relationship brewing between the two families.

Do you think Beyonce and Jay Z visited Kim and North because they wanted to, or because they "had" to?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Coles... Coles_mom

Please don't liken those trash to American royalty. Ghetto trash. Period.

nonmember avatar Jen

how are they ghetto trash? I guess you must know them personally to be able to say that. smh

nonmember avatar ohPlease

Well, they are American "royalty" because of their stature and wealth. Actually I think superior to the British Royals who've done NOTHING to gain their position aside from being born. Not "ghetto" - rap, r&b, etc are not just in urban areas -- music is everywhere. That said, I don't think they visited because they "had" to. Apparently the rules are still in place - no cameras...

nonmember avatar lauren

@coles_mom exactly why are they trash again? don't Beyonce and Jay-z work hard(and probably harder, than you and I? I get that they aren't royalty, but there's no need to throw names. watch your mouth, hunny.

nonmember avatar JanuaryShytown

Beyoncé and Jayz are a nice couple. They are not fame Whores! They live their own lives, they take care of their family and have their own friends to be with. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to get mixed up with the trashy Kardashian family!

nonmember avatar dina

First, neither one of these couples are anywhere near royalty. Kim is a sex tape idiot,Kenya is a egotistic violent man,Beyonce does lew dances instead of singing, and sees to be controlled by her husband. To even put the word royalty next to their names is a blasphemous thing to do. They are entertainers.That is all they are, nothing else and Kardashian isn't even that.

nonmember avatar Janer

Why does that kid still have a pacifier in her mouth??

Cooks... Cookster792

They probably paid Kim a visit just to shut Kanye up. Beyonce and her husband actually do work for a


nonmember avatar rodeshA

Kim. Karsndisan. P it. Your bab y. On line

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